High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 Effect

I'm looking for some advice please.
Has anyone used/is using a High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 Power Conditioner?
What are your observations?
I'm looking at possibly getting one.

Have a number of extras already:
- Akiko Triple AC Power Enhancer
- Akiko Audio Fuse Box Tuning Chip
- iFi AC iPurifier
- Russ Andrews 'The Silencer'
- Mad Scientist Nitro power cables
- Signal Ground Solutions Grounding Box
- Bybee iQSE

I'm not looking for comments from those who have not heard this in a system.


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The Helix signature will take a while longer than the base MC 05 to break in. The base will not sound right for a while. But once broken in a cross the board will be better. The detail will be much better, with more space between the notes. Back round  will be more noticeable and clear.
Good luck  But you will need to be patient for a while (best to leave them in place and not move them around while breaking in)
Hello aseaman007
Break in time is the time it is used in the system with system playing. I do not move mine around, i leave them where they are  plugged in at. So the lasting residual i have no clue. I have powered my system down (unplugged from power) when i am out of town. It seams to return to full strength (good sound) with in a hour or so after being off for a couple of days. All of my system power runs through High Fidelity products.
Your hearing is not playing tricks on you. The sound just gets better across the board. With the back of the sound stage being clear tight and focused. The background vocals are much more noticeable.
I think the Helix is the braid of the magnets (how they are arranged in the tube or wave guide and the signature is gold platting of the magnets . 
The MC .O5s where a game changer for me. Easy to use, short break in. Had good results right away ten hours or less. Best results was at the wall for me. If you can swing 3 on 1 power line, think you will be impressed. I did get good results starting with 2. The more i add it just got better.
enjoy Pete
I have a simple system all so. A dedicated line for my amp and one line that feeds my front end. I started with one MC O.5 on my amp line at the wall. This was a noticeable improvement. I add one to the front end side and the improvement was all so noticeable. As i add more to each line the front end side improved even better. The amp side got better but not as a big jump compared to the front end side. The more MC O.5 i add the sound just got better. Just remember to give them some time at where you put them. If you change them around the settle in times starts over.
The MC O.5s are very addictive. I know because i have 49 of them in my simple system. I use 2 types of 3 to 1 splitters. The orange one that most people use and a green one that is "L" shaped. the MC O.5s caps face down ward to the floor when plugged into them. this keeps them from sticking out to far from the wall and into the room. Have not reached the point of diminish returns yet, every time i have add one the sound got better.
enjoy Pete
Hello lowrider57
I started with 2 MC O.5s one on each line at the wall. I really liked what  they did to the sound so i would add a couple every so often, when budget would let me. I tried a couple in my PS Audio P10, it was ok. But better at the wall feeding the P10. Later removed the P10 for the Mc 6 Hemisphere With a couple plugged into it, that also was good. I now have the PRO POWER conditioner with a couple plugged into it. But the big majority our at the wall. Divided between 2 power lines, the amp line and the line that feeds the front end of my system.
The Pro Power conditioner is in a league by itself. Just when i thought my system sounded good for what it is. The Pro Power conditioner took it up several notches.  To get that kind of performance i thought i would need to do a major component up grade, may be 2 components.
I purchased my MC O.5s over time, every time i add a couple the sound just got better. The Helix design was not on the market  yet. The Pro works well with the MC O.5s making the sound even better. As Rick will tell you the more magnets the better the sound .
enjoy Pete 

Has any one using High Fidelity wave guides or any other High Fidelity Cable product, change their speaker position at all?  More toe in - less toe in- closer to wall - further from wall - speaker  distance between them?


I will be trying the new  Q45t soon. Hope to have by the end of nest week. will post when i do


I am still waiting on my order of Q45t, but i did just order on Monday. I did apply the 1260 to my Tv and Sat. box power cords. Yes it was a positive results better picture. From what i have read her on the Q45t thread it is thicker and a little more grainer than the 1260. It is also cheaper cost than the 1260.

I have al so started treating them with the NPS1260 contact enhancer, giving a nice increase in air and clarity.
Yes a great price i order a couple more from High Fidelity direct. Hope to have them soon.
Yes, i use the NPS 1260 on all cable connections. Have applied it to the male end of my XLR cables. With good results, just be careful you only get it on the pins with no spider webbing between pins. Have used it on speaker cables both ends, speaker jumpers both ends, some on speaker binding  post, power cord prongs and the MC 05-to the Pro wave guides.
I did see Rick and crew apply it to the female ends of XLRs and to the female end of power cords (unplugged of course).
I believe the sell ends on the 16 of July. But would check their web sight for sure or call them.
The HF cleaning clay was used to clean any debris of the cables that the magnets pulled in. (small metal filing).
Good luck
Got 1 of the MC 1 Pros i order to day. From High Fidelitys great sell they had going on about a month ago. Add the NPS 1260 to the prongs and plugged it in to the line that feeds the front end. In the past MC1 Pros  would take about 20 hours before i started to hear a better difference. With the 1260 it was less than a hour before the bass became much more defined and stronger sounding. the layers in the sound stage, just got better more darkness  between the instruments  and voices.
Hoping the rest of my order will ship soon.
I have received one of my orders. I order 3 times, a day apart (3 separate orders). I was told 2-3 more weeks. I do know they have purchased some milling machines, to do more stuff in house. They where trying to get them in place and set up. Raw materials seem to be slow on the receiving end. From what i was told the sale was much bigger than they expected. I would keep checking in every 2 weeks with them, i am going too.
Keep me posted on how it goes.
Order another MC O5 Helix
Sig. yesterday. Have not heard any thing on shipping yet.
I have found for me that the MC o5s and other wave guides. Give the bigger bump on the front end equipment. They do help on the amp side, but better on the front end side. I have more than a few on my amp line. If i was just going with 1 wave guide in my system it would be for the front end. The bass is the last to improve, but it will just takes more time.
Hello aseaman007
 Yes i have it on about half of them. i will get around to doing the rest later on. Yes big improvement, the sound stage gets much bigger. The separation of different instruments gets bigger . It takes what the MC O5s do and improves it. They work well together. It works well with all the wave guides from the MC O5s to the MC-1 Pro Double Helix  Signatures. Midrange and highs are what stood out first with the bass coming a little longer in time.


Hello i have done about 30 of the MC o5s so far. and yes the sound got better. The sound stage as a whole be came bigger and more defined, Just better sounding across the board.


Some times its what you do not hear that is the improvement. (more quite) Every time i have add a wave guide-the base MCO5 or Double Helix Pro it has gotten better. The NPS 1260 is a real game changer.