High Fidelity Cable replaces NPS 1260

The product is going to be called NPS Q45T. Not out yet, but on their Facebook page.


i have treated everything in my system with 1260 months ago.  After a recent inspection, there is very little residual still on the connectors.  Does that mean you have to re-apply?   Or, is 1260 still in effect working?

My bottle will be arriving tomorrow. Know what I will be doing this weekend. Speakers and interconnects first. Wait several weeks then maybe the pins on tubes.....

For those that have used PPT Total Contact paste and then switched to the 1260 and soon to be new stuff, how would you characterize the difference in affect of the two?

I’ve been pleased with the TC but interested in the High Fidelity product especially since PPT is no longer around.

Jerry123 congratulations please keep us update, I ordered mine 3 days ago.