High Fidelity Cable replaces NPS 1260

The product is going to be called NPS Q45T. Not out yet, but on their Facebook page.


Just use a metal tool like a butter knife with the power on. Make sure you are grounded.

No don’t  but why clean the old juice off is it not compatible?

If you have 1260 on all your connections why bother you are just wasting money and material. 


The female parts from AC receptacles, cords and IC’s will be more challenging to wipe off


Thanks for the info-Lets us know how the rest of the system sounds once applied

The 1260 sounds better than the Total Contact.

Have not tried Rick's new product yet.


Let us know your findings when compared to Total Contact. I plan to continue using Total Contact from my life time stash, but I may try this Q45-T on my nephews system.