High Fidelity Cable replaces NPS 1260

The product is going to be called NPS Q45T. Not out yet, but on their Facebook page.


I have the NPS 1260 and hesitate to apply it. So far, I have it on one speaker cables. Don’t hear any difference but should probably do the other speaker.

And thinking of doing my amp fuses. Any ideas?

I’ve treated speaker cables,IC’s,and PC’s using the 1260 with great results. 

Thanks, 68pete for that info. I still have some of the NPS-1260 left. (I bought the large bottle).


The only thing I don't like about HF is they introduce an improved technology each year. I purchased a cable, shortly afterwards a new one was introduced and Rick wouldn't take a trade-in.

What a Rick!  People are slowly figuring this guy out. 

Sort of like home theater processors coming out with new formats all the time. It gets kind of expensive upgrading to a new one and having to sell your old processor. I’ve been a user of high Fidelity cables over the years and whenever I’ve upgraded to a new model there’s always been a sonic improvement. I find it quite exciting when Rick is working on something new and is about to release it.

When he formed HF and introduced a line of products, explained the technology, it was exciting. He wasn't selling direct then.  And it is exciting when a revision is introduced that has an improvement. But there were too many new models introduced in a short period of time. He stopped that growth spurt or maybe it was the supply chain issue that did it.

He makes some good  products