High Fidelity Cable Company MC 0.5 waveguide

Has anyone else tried this thing?
It DRAMATICALLY improves the sound of any system. I now have three and the sound is addictive!!
There is a lot written about the MC 0.5 Waveguide toward the last 10 pages or so at:

There can be a long break-in period of time for the magnetic conduction to take effect.
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Let me guess, your conclusion is purely from speculation??

Even with ONE and NO break in, you'll hear a difference. 
it never ceases to amaze me how people with no experience in a subject render a definitive decision 
I for one am a FAN!

It did not take long for me to experience the positive affects!

I now have 8 in my system. They are now invaluable.

At first plug in, there's a sense of more forward,  maybe a clearer perspective. 24 hours later... this forwardness disappears, the relaxing nature of the music comes forward. 36 hours ...the things are singing...

I want more!
Try 400 hours...then, they come into song.