high end USB cables - A to A connectors

Been enjoying the world of digital audio in my home office. I am using a Macbook Pro running iTunes, a Dared MP-5 hybrid amp with internal DAC, and John Blue JB3 speakers. (I’ve tried a bunch of different tubes in the Dared. Currently I have a pair of vintage Sonotone West Germany 12AT7 tubes, and a Webcor EM87.)

Been reading posts on the advantages of high end USB cables, and I am willing to make the leap, but the problem is all the high end cables seem to have USB A to USB B connections (or USB A to USB mini B). I need a cable with A to A connectors. I can’t seem to find any of the recommended brands with these connectors.

Anyone have any suggestions?
And you shouldn't be able to. If you connect an A to A you will cross-connect the 5V lines and send electrical current were it is not intended to go.

Now, if you are talking about a USB extension cable - that is a different story. Belkin, QED and a few others make these. And yes, they are made in the same factories in China that all USB cables are.
High end USB cables could be just a waste of money. If the cable meets the IEEE spec to be called a USB cable, the price has nothing to do with it. Think twice before falling into the price makes it a better cable.
No differences that I've heard. Go to monoprice and spend $8.
With USB cables, as with other cables, the "cable controversy" is ongoing, eg:


An extension cable has a male connector on one end, a female connector on the other. I need a cable with a male USB A connector on each end.
I just looked up the Dared and see your problem.

I would try to find a seller that terminates their own cables. Manual termination of USB is possible - I've done it myself - but I wouldn't want to be hacking an expensive cable. Maybe there is some kind of adapter?

I wonder what Dared was thinking when they put a USB type A on the amp instead of a type B?
"Thinking" is a relative term! All I can think is that Dared was going after the lowest common denominator, and USB A-A cables are abundant. And maybe a USB A port is cheaper? On the other hand, a similar product from Glow Audio also has a USB A connection. So who knows?