High end surround processors vs Vacuum tube HT

I continue to witness a growing number of AGoners selling their high end surround processors. Personally, I have heard many of these in varying systems over the years (Krell, Classe, Theta and the like), and rarely have I experienced any "night and day" differences between them and a decent $1500 receiver followed instead by vacuum tube equipment. Let me clarify:

In my own system, I run the main left and right Preouts from the receiver to my vacuum tube 2 channel preamp and then on to vacuum tube monoblock amps for these main channels. I also run the other preouts off the receiver to vacuum tube amps for the center and surround channels. The main 2 channel preamp is set to unity gain and measured and marked with a little piece of tape intially during setup. Thus, when switching between CD and movie etc, I can easily relocate "unity gain", and the receivers Master Volume control again governs the entire volume level of the system in multichannel mode.

Curious if I am the only one doing this and attaining far more emotion and presence from my multi channel media than anything I have heard from even state of the art systems at AV dealers for many many thousands of dollars more. I am sure like anything there are compromises and drawbacks to my setup, but I am more interested in emotional sound quality rather than slam, the ultimate dynamics or convenience.

Any thoughts from others would be appreciated. This Vacuum tube thing has struck a chord with my heart!!!

"but I am more interested in emotional sound quality rather than slam, the ultimate dynamics or convenience." (Red2)

This statement strikes me curiosly, as I find that the "emotion" in sound quality that's most often lacking in typical audiophile systems, IS INDEED THE LACK OF DYNAMICS!!
There's a trememndously huge variety of high end speaker offerings out there, that can do tonal transparancy, resolution/detail, soundstaging, etc, to near perfection!! With the right combo of gear, you can make Wilson's, Theil's, Verity Audio's, Magnapan's, Apogee's, Talon's, JM Utopia's, etc,and on, and on, all sound crystal clear and very pretty sounding!-with tons of resolve and detail.
The problem with most of these speakers is in the DYNAMICS DEPARTMENT! And, infact, compared to better active or high efficiency designs, the lack of dynamic transparancy in traditional audiophile speakers, is what keeps them from portraying REALISM!
Basically, your heavier dynamic rock, rap, techno, pop, new world, big scale classical, Dolby Dig, DTS, etc, etc, mixed stuff, falls rather flat, especially without some sort of bass managment dubties!
So, when someone talks about emotion from a speaker, the speakers in mention better be able to jump up and boogie, snap, crackle and pop, and slap you in the chest with hard hitting dynamic effortlessness, or I'm going to be just yawning!
I've done the same thing in the past. I didn't like everyone turning on, and off, my tubed gear though.

I'm lucky enough to have a fairly large, and dedicated room though, so I went back to two systems... (in one room).

Had I stayed on the multichannel music bandwagon, I may not have changed back to two systems...not sure about that one.

Flrnlamb: I agree, but you can take out the Wilsons in you list of speakers that can't do dynamics... I can Techno to your hearts content on my system.. I built my system around those requirements..

I think it's a waste to burn tube life on crappy movie soundtracks that are based on dymanics that only a SS amp (or a $$$ tube amp can repoduce...) Plus most people won't spring for 5 channels of tubes so then you have different tone qualities as someone walks and talks across the screen... Voicing changes..

Solid State is the only way to go on Movies...and most importantly a 15" min sub to take the LFE burden off your main speakers...

The other option is one of the hybrid tube input/ solid state output amps.. even some of the ICE and digital amps are really smooth...

and if you don't find you solid state "Emotional" then you need to change your solid state, your cables, power, etc.. Solid state can sound emotional unless you want SET sugar coating.. Then put a Musical Fidelity Tube can or one of those tube filters on the way out of your surround processor.

Oh yeah the other option is to drink more, then the sound definitely gets more emotional ;-)