High-End Standmounts: KEF LS50W vs. NOLA Boxer II vs. Revel M106

Hi everyone.

I'm wondering which you'd give the nod to for:

- A small room 
- Pushing primarily vinyl (Planar 3), cd (OPPO 105), and TV
- Music comprising mainly rock and roll, orchestral classical, jazz and blues
- And, as necessary, a Sonneteer Alabaster 55wpc amplifier 

As for the LS50W, the promise of ridding myself of an amplifier is offset by (likely) having to get a phono stage.

Your general impressions would be greatly appreciated! 
I have not listened to the Revel but the Boxers are superb monitors. More enjoyable than the KEF and they don't need huge power for them to open up. Lived with the Boxers for 4-5 years and moved to the Nola Contenders, another great option.... 
I've acquired a ridiculous amount of stuff used but two things have really stood out- and they just happened to be stand mount monitors. I have both Revel Ultima Gems (1st Gen) and Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors, also 1st gen. The Revels throw out a big stage sound great and they crank, except they're pretty ugly-The Cremona Auditors sound phenomenal for such a small package and quite honestly, they look like a million bucks too. The Revels were around 8k new and the SF Auditors around 5500 with stands- I think either could be had for 2-3 on the used market. Just a thought- They are worth a look for sure.

Another vote for the Nola Boxers.

I know I'm in the minority, but I did not care for the LS50s at all (auditioned both the passive and active models and truly expected to like them after all the praise). I especially disliked them with massed strings and large orchestral classical music.

I owned Alon/Nola (Alon IVs, Circes, Nola Minis)speakers for many years and loved them. The Boxers sound wonderful on rock, classical or jazz, throw a big open stage but won't overpower a small room. They're not fussy about amps either, although they will appreciate fine electronics. They're just damned musical and enjoyable speakers.
Never heard the Boxer,  but it's the only one of the group not made in China or in the case of Revel Indonesia.  Boxer is made in USA.