"High end speaker covers" do we need them?

Probably not, are they cool..yes do they look great yes..are they functional yes.I recently had some custom covers made by a guy on ebay..he goes by the name coconutcovers.His craftsmanship and sewing is impeccable..He did a set of Wine color with gold cursive for my Accordos and Cremonas...they turned out stunning. I had him make covers for the rest of my collection.....l like them because it keeps people's hands off them,after cleaning your speakers it keeps them dust free...lt also shows people your meticulous and care about your equipment...anyway, he has my endorsement..he does custom artisan work...just thought l would put this info out there,thanks


I don't have covers and I don't bother to clean the speakers--I call it "dust damping" and I rationalize this as improving the sound.

His covers are very reasonable....after looking at his craftsmanship, l would have paid double if not more....he did my LS50 META covers for 50.00,Revel ultima gems were 80.00 and full length Kappa9 covers were 160.00...l had them made in red velvet with large cursive in gold...he's located in Japan and is extremely knowledgeable with speaker sizing...l couldn't find a single flaw in his work....lm sorry to say the people who l know that do custom embroidery and sewing near me are "hacks"