high end single box cdp's for redbook quality only

single box cdp's: redbook presentation only, other features are not my consideration.

esoteric x01-d2
wadia 781i
dcs puccini

requesting opinions from those who own or have auditioned at length any 2 of these 3 players in fully balanced mode.
pls do not shy from details of sonic differences, strengths / weaknesses in the range extremes,issues of top to btm fluidity, transparency, micro detail, forward vs laid back, btm end resolution, top end fullness, etc. all comments welcome provided they are based on your personal listening experience. i listen to a wide range of classical music, acoustic instruments, no electronica.

not interested in a/b with: wadia 581 models, esoteric x01 models other than the d2, arc cd7, emm, accuphase, meridian.

it is very helpful if you have your system posted or advise it. obviously, every system will benefit from a cdp that works to a system's strengths and lessens the system's weaknesses.

thanks kindly.
I own the dcs Puccini and must say that it is just magical.It has all the details minus the harshness and you could listen to music for hours on end.

I've auditioned a wide range of Esoterics products and each time I listened ,I've come to the same conclusion;superb SACD[when matched with SETs]but nothing to write home about when it comes to redbook performance...

The Wadia 581seI have heard,
and it is quite impressive in term of retrival of details,but when you play it next to the puccini,you realized right away that it is not in the same class...

Conclusion?The dcs by a far margin.It sits at the top of single box [player]alone ,looking down at others..At least to my ears
I just recently purchased a reimyo transport and dac (777cdt and 999dac). I also own an esoteric SA 60. I listened to many players including the dcs. My thoughts are that you should hear the reimyo cdp 777 (single box player) and compare it to the dcs. The reimyo single box betters the dcs IMO. Also on your esoteric try a audio teckne power cord - it works magic on the SA 60 and betters the harmonix power cord that comes with the 777cdpj/777cdt. Your three choices are all good but the dcs is the best of your three IMO.
Just remember that the performance of any player will depend on the system it's in. Cables, electronics, speakers etc will vary the performance system to system.
Your choices above are all good. I have had the dcs in my system and it would be hard to beat in the right system. I just wasn't ready to drop that much on a cdp at the time. Since we both listen to the same type of music also check out the meridan 808 ref 2.
I have to second Starcon input in regard to the Reimyo 777,I have the single box unit for the past three years,it for Redbook it betters in my opinion,the esoteric X0-1 LE,easily betters the emm se combo even redbook hybrid version vs.the sacd playback.Betters the Meridian 800.The only ones in my system which it is inferior to is the Zanden combo,and is about equivalent to the Accuphase 800/801 combo.The last two are way may expensive.All of these units are in my system and i listen to all for many hours.The Reimyo is very dynamic,very open,excellent dynamics without being bright,great for large scale symphonic (classical music)as well as chamber and solo music.I do not like overly bright reproductions.(you can see my system on virtual systems)
fafafion: the recently issued wadia 781 model is supposed to be significantly better than the 581, which i have heard and have issues with the highs especially in massed orchestrations. i will be auditioning the 781i several times over the coming few months.

Foster 9 : yes, of course. that's why , ultimately, we call our audio-reproduction group a "system"! that said, i do find many audiogoners' comments regarding presentation specifics to be quite helpful. i refer to them when auditioning components live.

bobheinatz. i have not heard any meridian cdp's in my system, but have heard complete meridian systems and the high end meridian cdp in another familiar system. IMO i have never associated the meridian house sound as concerthall lifelike for classical music. that said, i can do a home audition of the meridian cdp easily enough, but the local store that sells several lines, incl meridian and knows my listening "preferences"has suggested i may find the new wadia more rewarding. but an a/b is easily done.

starcon - the single box reimyo 777 was discontinued last year. i auditioned several PCs for my current esoteric and settled on the PAD 20 anniv contego. i do not know of the audio teckne ?PCs of course make a huge contribution to overall presentation. no argument there!

ramy - thanks for the info.you certainly do have a full compliment of cdp's. the eso x01-d2 , i have been informed by a handful of owners, is a significant improvement above the x01se, much greater fluidity and fullness at the top without sacrificing detail.from what i gather from those who have owned an x01 and now have the d2, the x1se doesnt seem to be in the same league as the puccini in terms of presentation (based on others' comments, not my personal experience) the d2 may not be either, i do not know. i have not heard either as yet. the reimyo 777 is discontinued. the transport is out of production, so is not a consideration.

remy: correction, i meant the x01-ltd, not "se".
have been advised that the redbook of the D2 isnt significantly different sonically than the redbook of the x01-ltd/le, but that the great improvement is to the sacd presentaton. i will check this directly with esoteric. anyone do an a/b? also, does the esoteric present more naturally in balanced mode or single ended?
The information regarding the X-01 Ltd. and X-01D2 is accurate.
The Cary 303/300 offers unusual flexibility:

Adjustable (including zero) oversampling and switchable tube and ss output sections. Not necessarily the assault on the SOTA that some other players are, but a very good choice for a broad range of tastes.

Good Luck,

bar81: thanks for the confirmation.

martykl: the cary 303/300 does offer flexibility but isnt at the level of presentation i am seeking!also, the cary has a distinctly colored presentation.