High End Shops in Nashville?

I am presently visiting "Music City U.S.A." and wanted to know if anyone could recommend a shop or two in the area. I am on the hunt for some bookshelf speakers to go along with my AP Virgo II floorstanders so I thought I would hear what this part of the world has to offer.

Any suggestions?
I'm pretty sure HiFi Buys is the only thing left unless you consider Best Buys to be high end


HiFi Buys carries Wilson, Revel and B&W speakers. Electronics include McIntosh, Krell and Levinson.

When I was there in January they had the Wilson Duettes and several B&W bookshelf speakers. If you go, see if TJ Goldsby is there. He was a good guy and very patient with my auditioning. I ended up buying a pair of Wilson Sashas from them. Good prices too.