high end progressive scan dvd player

i am looking for a high end progressive scan dvd player. i have done a lot of research and found that many have the chroma bug problem. can anyone suggest a quality player that doesn't have that problem. and is it really that big a problem in the first place. thanks for your help.

i use a mitsubishi rear projection if that matters.
IMO, I would avoid high end dvd players, it seems lke they are comming out with new chips and models all the time, kind of like the computer market, what you buy now will be outdated in a couple of months, also , the new inexpensive players are using the same chips as the more expensive players, I was considering a high end player also, after considerable research I bought a phillips q 50, good luck.
I can't comment of the chroma issue with these...but the Muse 9 sig or Thalia, Camelot, and EAD are all top notch.
I was told by a very honest local dealer that the Kenwood Sovereign DVD player is the best on the market as far as picture quality goes. He explained that Kenwood was somehow able to convince Faroudja to grant them an exclusive one-year contract on their latest video enhancement chips / processors. While you can bet that Kenwood paid big cash for such exclusivity, it may be worth checking into if really hunting for excellent video characteristics. I have no idea as to the sonics of said player or how it works as a transport, as i've never seen or heard one. I couldn't do that at this dealer's shop as he doesn't even sell Kenwood yet he was quite emphatic and enthusiastic as to how good this player was. Like i said, this guy is honest. Sean
Stereophile Guide to Home Theater said they wouldn't disqualify recommending a DVD player because of the chroma bug. The fuss over this chroma bug is blown out of proportion because it affects very, very few DVDs. It was caught by some sharp eyed guy, and now is one of many tests that reviewers like to run.

That said, the new Denon DVD models (9000 and 3800) supposedly fix the chroma bug from their 2800 model, and they use the silicon chip. I still haven't seen any reviews on these models yet, but I imagine that they'll be good.
Turnaround, the dealer that made the comments about the Kenwood Sovereign is a Denon dealer. He told me that he thought that the Denon's were quite good but that the Kenwood was better. As previously mentioned, he is not a Kenwood dealer. If i was in the market for a new DVD player, his enthusiastic comments about the Kenwood would at least have me checking it out. As to whether i or anyone else liked it best would be a matter of personal taste. Just figured i'd pass that on... Sean
Ayre and Proceed both offer units that are considered to have superb video and matching audio quality, if you are inclined to spend $5K+ on a player.
If you don't care about DVD-Audio, jump on the first available used EAD TVP. it is by far the best progressive video player out there. It has the silicon chip which is one of the finest. EAD don't put it in there new DVD audio capable players and it's a shame.I own the TVP and it is stunning.
Check out the new Denon 1600 review over at Secrets HI-FI. They were the one's to first notice and define the chroma bug and they preatty much went go-go over this player. As far as comments about far and away this player is better than that player I find it very hard to make those comments if you haven't personally seen these players on the same compenents properly set-up and configured so that one can compare apples to apples. Hope that helps!!

I've got a Mitsubishi RP that is HD compatable and am using a Toshiba SD-5109 which, I beleive, was one of the first progressive scan players. *Picture quality is excellent.

Their newer (latest?) model 9200 can be had cheap here on audiogon.

*Note, I have not AB'ed this against any other unit in my home so therefore my opinion on picture quality is subjective.

I have seen Toshiba progressive scan players reviewed and they always seem to do well and extremely well when concidering cost to quality.

Good luck and enjoy your search.
It is expensive ($6000 retail), but be sure to add the Simaudio Stellar to your short list.
I use a Camelot Roundtable and love it. Besides being a top-notch progressive DVD player, its CD playing ability is even better! After comparing the sound quality of an older NAD transport (but a very good one) with digital out into a Theta TLC to re-clock the signal and then into a Cello 8.1 D/A converter, I kept the Camelot... Take a look at www.hometheaterhifi.com where they compared the vedio aspects of a number of DVD players. The Camelot as I recall was rated one of the best they had seen. Hope this helps!
Ken G.
I have the Sony9000ES,Toshiba9200,and the EAD theatervistionP. I have seen demos of other player,but nothing looks as good as the TVP.
I am surprised at people spending such large dollars for a DVD player. I plan to buy the new Yamaha CX1. It uses the Faroudja chip as well as other special features to enhance play on big screens. This unit will cost approx $800-900. Even this seems like a pretty high price to me since you can get the Faroudja chip in the lower model C920 for about $500-600. What can these more expensive players do for thousands of dollars that these players can't?

There are a couple things to consider in the case of the Simaudio Stellar and it's high price tag:

1) The Stellar was not just designed to be a flagship DVD player, but also a flagship CD player. For the person that wants a one-box solution, it is the best available, IMHO.

2) There are multiple versions and implementations of the Faroudja DCDi chipset. There is a VERY cheap one that is OEM'ed to the mass-market DVD companies, all the way to the VERY expensive top of the line "Stingray" version (which is implemented in the Stellar). So, if you plan on purchasing a DVD player with DCDi, make sure you ask the salesman which version is implemented in the player you are interested in.

Hope this helps.....Mike - Father & Son Audio
And for those who are interested, I've just found out that Pioneer will be releasing two new "Universal DVD" players under their "Elite" brand come fall. They will be named the DV-45 and the DV-47i (which will probably be nothing more than an updated version of the current DV-47A). Like the current DV-47A, the DV-45 and the DV-47i will also play DVDs, DVD-As, CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, and SACDs. The "i" part of the revised DV-47 is an industry standardized format, allowing greater compatability with other four-pin IEEE 1394 input connections, such as high-bandwidth audio connectivity, when used with a compatible receiver, such as Pioneer's VSX-49TXi (which is also an Elite model, and it will be released sometime this coming fall). The DV-45 will have 10/54 video processing, and the more expensive DV-47i will have 12/108 video processing. But both players will offer 24/192 audio processing, bass management capabilities, and six channel analog audio outputs. The DV-45 will be priced at $700.00, and the DV-47i, $1,200.00. For those of you who could be interested in this player, more information about them can be found at Pioneer's website.

The link is "http://www.pioneerelectronics.com/Pioneer/CDR/CompanyOverview/PressDetails/0,1479,71351,00.html"


And if that link does not work, then click onto Pioneer's website, and then click under "Press Room". Under "Press Room", then look for June 15th. The link concerning the new DVD Players will show up then.

Thanks and Regards........

Although not the greatest straight DVD player, I recommend HTPC for anybody with front projection. I know that my HTPC completely blows away the 480p that I get off of my Philips Q50 progressive scan DVD player on even my rear projection HDTV. When I go to the DLP or CRT, it isn't even close.