High end processors with HDMI 1.3a

Does anyone know where to find a list of processors with 1.3a HDMI? Generally, high end processors currently utilize HDMI but few list what level of HDMI and those that do are older versions.
One word to describe the problem currently...


The longer you can wait the better compatibility can be generated HDMI 1.3b has already been spec'd to fix some more problems.... Most of the High end manufactures are waiting, a couple have jumped in Halcro (but people are sending their units to be updated all the time trying to get this to work). Your best bet are the Integra/Onkyo/Denons and go read up on avsforum about the problems with those..

I'm sticking with my Lumagen scaler and waiting to see how it looks at Xmas time...
Right now I believe the only people with HDMI 1.3a are Integra (DTC9.8) and Denon (AVP1) many high end companies like Classe, Lyngdorf, likely Meridian but not confirmed and others are desperately working to get them out, but those are the few currently made I am sure of.
I have the NAD T175. I love it. I replaced a EAD Ovation with the NAD. I do NOT miss the EAD.
I suspect that we will see quite a number of new 1.3a-compatible high-end processors by the time of or at CEDIA. Some are promised before but there have been too many scheduling deferrals to be confident.

At the moment, the Denon, Integra/Onkyo and NAD are available.

Thanks for all the input. I just read on the Krell website that their new Evolution 707 has HDMI 1.3 but at $25,000(a little more that I was wanting to spend). It also said that the S-1000 will be getting the capability later this year. Maybe jumping on a integra/onkyo for a couple of years until everything gets ironed out is the best plan.

Tdbdds: before you jump on the Integra/onkyo you should read about the problems on avsforum... there are audio drop outs and delays from the HDMI offconvert... service/support have required sending the unit back to be upgraded... I was all set to hunt down and Integra and decided not to after doing the research.
What do you mean by "high end processor"? High end video or audio? The pricier Denon receivers have 1.3a as well as the Realta chip. I doubt anyone (except Faroudja) would argue there's a better video processor. If you're looking for the best video, go with a processor or receiver that has the Realta chip and 1.3a. Otherwise you've got 1.3a, but lower quality video processing to start with.

I'm not connected with any manufacturers, just a Denon receiver owner.
Unless your DVD or Blu-ray player already has the Realta chip, then you're already set.
To Cytocycle:

I have read (and continue to read) the I/O threads on AVS and know about what is there. Let me say that many of us have not experienced any audio drop-outs and the statistics of occurance of this problem is indeterminate. There is a lock-on delay with HDMI but this has been addressed in the DSP and firmware updates which, btw, one can do at home as many (including me) have done.

Nothing is perfect, so the continuing availability of firmware updates is, to me, encouraging rather than discouraging.


Thanks for the update, but the earlier ones required hardware updates for the HDMI chips, and people had a hard time getting Integra to admit it, much less fix it. Sounds like they have finished with the Beta phase on the public and it's ready for showtime if you say so.
Looks like the Marantz AV8003 could be a good affordable candidate.

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I do not know of any hardware updates for the HDMI chips or, in fact, of any hardware updates at all. I have had the Integra since it was released and have only needed one firmware update for AudysseyPro use. There is a DSP update and newer firmware that makes additional improvements and I intend to do those shortly. It has been painless.

Integra has a hot 7.1 channel pre/pro model 9.8 that has multiple HDMI 1.3 inputs, multi-channel inputs for SACD or DVD-A player, balanced outputs, phono stage, and an ethernet connection. I just bought one and they are hard to come by because of the great features and low price (sugg.retail was $1600). Comes with Audyssey auto calibration and mic.
Regarding cycocycles post regarding problems with the Integra 9.8...

yes there were issues with "handshake" problems, but if you get the current model with at least 1.06 firmware, those issues have been resolved.
You can find a tracking thread on AVS about this question: