High end processors - impact to video quality

So i have a nice lg 4k smart tv with hdr which is nice. Most of my video comes from netflix, prime, hulu, youtube, etc thru apple 4k box, really nice. Occassional bluray disk.

so what will all the fancy video processing capabilities of a high end processor do for me? Seems like alot of hype that may not yield much improvement beyond what im getting.

I am buying a better processor moreso for improved audio.

Sorry, but I was at the Synergistic 20 minute demo at RMAF 2018.  I heard absolutely no difference with the HFT High Frequency Transducers (before/after they were removed).  The ECT is inconclusive to me, but all his electronics introduced some really bad hard edged harshness to me.  Even though there was clearly hiss/noise, the audio actually sounded better to me with all his power conditioners and his magic electromagnetic stuff TURNED OFF.
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"An exciting evolution of the ever expanding UEF Technology engineered to balance close proximity electromagnetic fields in electronic circuits. When placed inside your components ECT's or Electronic Circuit Transducers transform ordinary electronics to the extraordinary, while elevating state-of-the-art components to unprecedented levels of refinement."

"ECT's significantly improve the function of D to A chips, fuses, IC chips, vacuum tubes, capacitors, analog and digital cables and transformers. Now is your chance to experience the magic of UEF applied directly to your components and cables."

- At least they told you it was "magic" right from the start. I appreciate their honesty.

If these claims held any merit, every audio manufacturer of gear would be using them to enhance performance. Dump a lot of them inside a cheap DAC and see what happens.

Writing skills are quite seductive. Gullibility level. Sad people prey on the vulnerable souls merely pursuing improvement in sound quality.

video quality enhancement is minimal as its all commodity fare, while audio improvement potential exists.