High end processors - impact to video quality

So i have a nice lg 4k smart tv with hdr which is nice. Most of my video comes from netflix, prime, hulu, youtube, etc thru apple 4k box, really nice. Occassional bluray disk.

so what will all the fancy video processing capabilities of a high end processor do for me? Seems like alot of hype that may not yield much improvement beyond what im getting.

I am buying a better processor moreso for improved audio.


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Writing skills are quite seductive. Gullibility level. Sad people prey on the vulnerable souls merely pursuing improvement in sound quality.

video quality enhancement is minimal as its all commodity fare, while audio improvement potential exists.
Erik, tv aps for streaming may be ok for vid but sq i find is not so good.  Eg. Tidal and spotify aps on smart tv sound really muffled. 
Audio is the challenge, video not so much unless you like hdr which smart tv aps may not have.  Apple tv box has hdr and if tv can handle hdr signal its nice.