High-End Power Cable for TV?

With all the great reviews of how power cables are improving the audio performance of stereo components, has anyone experimented with a high-end power cable connected directly to a TV set. I know that most(like my Sony 36XBR) have captive cords, but that is usually easy to modify. Just curious about your feedback!
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I have a NEC 6XPG 7 inch CRT projector. I have experimented with high end power cables and they do make a difference. Better color saturation, less noise--pretty much what you would expect given the findings in audio.
I installed a Tiffany TPC 60 power cable on my Pioneer 50" rear projection TV, and got a nice improvement. The picture was cleaner, lower noise, a little sharper, and the color had slightly better saturation. I could not detect any change at all in the quality of the audio. However, the performance gain that a great used power cord like this provided, was a small investment ($30.00 ), so I definitely think it was worth the money. The only downside was installing it. I had to remove the interlock panel on the back of the TV to get to the circuit board where the old power cable connected. Then I had to cut a larger diameter hole for the new cable to pass through, and strain relief it. I soldered the new cable directly, rather than trying to install an IECC male. One word of caution, my television was old and out of warranty, so I was not concerned with going into the circuit and doing these mods. Those of you with newer sets should be aware that such cutting and soldering would likely void your factory warranty. One other mod that was fairly straight forward while I was already in there, I added a high quality OFC copper RCA connecter ( and better wire to the board ) for my composite video input. This connection is where my DVD player jacks in for video. Comparing the new connector to the original cheap pressed metal one that was original equipment was no contest . The two mods together were absolutely worth the effort.
Way to go Al,kinda gutsy, glad it worked so well.
Just as I assumed. Now if I can just get about 3 guys to help me move that XBR so I can get to the back of it......
Thanks for the feedback!
No kidding on the XBR. Mine sat in the truck for beter part of a day while I drummed up frinds to help move it. Cost me a case of Bass and take out food for 6 people to get the TV up on the stand. Are there any issues with wire type when upgrading the jacks and internal wiring? I'd like to do that to my component inputs. How about a 'high end' SVHS jack for my dish? Anyone ever see a source for one of those? Thanks.
Stock PC in most electronics (not as high quality as audiophile stuff commented here) widely sold quality is poor.
So you get improvements.
Albert as I started to read Tiffany power cord I knew it was you posting..... I think I asked you before(sorry) could you suggest where can these be found, I had a hard drive failure and lost part of the information I've gathered)?
Just a suggestion:have you guys experimented with vibration control for your TV, the same issues that we deal with in audio also apply to them, I tried MDF base with absorbing mat underneath and a nice improvement was obtained similar to the upgraded PC. Haven't explored further on this though
Sol322. I bought several Tiffany power cords from ads on the internet. I still have a number of them around from use in my earlier days of audio. Now, as much of my high end equipment has been refitted with better cables, I keep these because they won't bring much in a sale and are great for burning in or biasing equipment that is in my photo studio, out of reach of the main system. If you want to upgrade, I will bet that any of the frequently suggested brands posted by Audiogon members would kill the 18 gauge zip that comes stock on TV's. Look for the best value, and give it a try.