High End Portable Wireless/Bluetooth Speaker

I'm seeking suggestions for the best high end portable (single) speaker. This will ideally be a speaker I can move from room to room or even possibly travel with. Let's say budget is <$2,500. I realize you can't beat stereo sound, and so having the option to pair the speaker is a plus in case I wanted to buy a second down the road. However for now this will be a single speaker. I'd prefer to play music via wifi/ethernet when at home but I'd expect bluetooth as an option if needed.  I'm not super sensitive with the size so long as it could be reasonably placed on various surfaces throughout the house.

I've been eyeing the Devialet Phantom I/II as an example. 

Thanks for your guidance!
I think you are confusing Bluetooth with WiFi and assuming equivalent sound quality potential.  Bluetooth is awesome for when the option is either Bluetooth or no sound, but it was never intended to have the bit bandwidth that WiFi has.
Assuming you want to continue on this path, look for a speaker that has a big, expensive DAC in it, which upscales to 24/196.   Most speakers like this have a slave output for the other channel, so you can get stereo.   
That DAC and the medium you transfer data to it will determine the sound quality.
Thanks for clarifying but I fully understand that. Which is why I stated I'd prefer to play the music through wifi/ethernet. i.e. the internet. I'd expect the speaker to allow for tidal connect or some other way to directly stream the music. As you said, bluetooth is a backup for when I travel or perhaps if I don't have a wifi signal handy.
Hello OP,  I have tried and owned a few.  For my bedroom, a Muso 2  2nd generation is amazing for its form factor.  At around $1600, that should be enough to spend on something like this. Easily bests the Bluesound Pulse, which is a bit easier to move around.  Both of these use wifi and do all the things they should, including integrate with my Roon.
Out by the Lake or working in the yard, I love my $500 JBL Boombox.
Bluetooth from my phone.  Everyone is amazed at this speaker, and waterproof for the boat or dock.
I would check out Sonos Move. Has wifi and bt, but I don't think it takes ethernet.