High End Place / Store in Bahrain

Im military serviceman station in Manama Bahrain. Is there any High end audio place location here?
Thanks for your service to our country. I was under the assumption that most of the middle east was still listening to 8 tracks.
I am not a world traveler but when I was in Colorado I met a world traveler who had lived in Bahrain. He politely advised me that Bahrain was a nation where the best goods from all over the world are available.

After reading your post,I looked in the encyclopedia-you should try it.

Apparently Bahrain has one of the highest literacy rates in the Persian Gulf area. Education is free, and children are required by law to attend primary school.The government of Bahrain provides free medical care.

This compares quire favorably to Miami-Dade County, Florida where I live, and pay taxes.

Darell- I suspect that if you have money, you can buy all types of high end equipment there. Please try to conduct yourself honorably.

I second Ken, thanks for your service. As you know Bahrain is a very small country with not many people. Call this place and they may help. They are listed as a "Linn products" contact in Bahrain.


Al Zahra Medical Centre
next to British Council
Box 2282

Tel: Office: (973) 230 322 Mobile: (973) 960 7470
Fax: (973) 250 322
Email: [email protected]

Good luck and be carefull.

I was there in 1983 and have no plans on returning. Hope you find what you need. God bless you. I remember I had a Sony Walkman back then. The base had cooled pool becouse the water got too warm. We don't have that problem in Chicago.

Don't forget to go see the F1 race there in two weeks, if you can get there....
I was born in Bahrain and grew up there for 14 years before moving to the US. Here's a place you want to try for your Audio needs ...
Ambassador Stores
PO Box 237, 141 Government Avenue, Manama, 304
Tel: +00 ( 973 ) 225513 Fax: +00 ( 973 ) 223537 They carry B&W speakers :}