"High End" Mini 5.1 / 7.2 Receiver?

Is there such a thing?  I know of a few slim designs, but I am looking for something elegant/small (rather than a black box).


  • Dimensions (HxWxD) in mm  73x215x360

No HDMI, only 3ch amplification, no room correction or bass management, etc. 
There is a reason there is no all-in-one mini surround receivers, the components needed simply can’t be made that small.

yup.... all true indeed .  You nailed it ..... all well known in advance .

The reason I posted it was to SOLELY offer a half-size box as narrowly requested by the OP, and let him decide if the 2019 features shortcomings  are as important as the small size .

for example, a small room listening arena a la UK, apparently does not deter the Brits from this unit as a small. Footprint base.
A matched CYRUS power amp rounds it out to 5.1

no response from the OP yet so let’s wait.
I once got one of those Marantz "thin line' AVRs to use for the waiting room of my business.  It sounded awful