high end jbl or horns or emerald physics c1

Can anyone give me their opinions. I saw a pair of jbl's for sale for about the price of the Emerald Physics c1's. I still have my burmester 956 amp but have been looking at ML or I have some high power tube amps laying around I could use.

I have the ML 390's front end. Looking for some eq for the system also.

I mainly listen to rock music. Alt. rock and Classic rock at "extended realistic" volumes.

I have some jbl 4733 that have the output wanted but no finesse.(?) I like my old altec lansing studio monitors the best so far for what i listen to.

for what you listen to i would buy jbl, but if you are interested in others, think about the klispch
I'd check out Westlake BBSM 12 - these will have you smiling and rocking out - used around $3K.
"for what you listen to i would buy jbl..."

YUP, I'd agree. Since those old JBLs sound greatly forward, details, and can be turned up very loud, they are great for your rock music. They are easy to set up in the room. I still have the JBL L100 t3 and I take it out and listen to them sometimes. They are great but totally diff character with my new ones which is warm and more musical.
Well, if you have the cash, there will always be something out there for ya. I first thought my JBLs were king, no other speakers in the world can beat it. Oh boy, how much I was wrong.
Expand your listening tastes and buy speakers that can play all types of music. =8^)
its tuff to give an opinion on jbl without knowing the model. different series have different attributes, and possibly drawbacks. certain models are indeed god's balls.
I had a pair of JBL L-200 speakers sitting around here for a few years when I discovered Acoustic Horn Company. In speaking with the owner, Bill Woods, I became convinced that all my L-200 needed was a better horn. This proved to be true.
If you go to:


you can see my project which, I suspect is exactly what you are looking for.
They will play very loud with no breakup and the clearest, most natural, undistorted reproduction I have ever owned.

I bypassed the horn and crossover in the JBLs, mounted the ah300 on top and biamped through a dbx Drive Rack PA. It was a very simple mod.
Expand your listening tastes and buy speakers that can play all types of music. =8^)

I first thought my JBLs were king, no other speakers in the world can beat it. Oh boy, how much I was wrong.

Oldrockstar knows what he wants and explained what he wants and asked for help in getting realistic (dynamic) sound reproduction. He has probably been in a band and knows the feel of how it really sounds. FWIW - Dr Floyd Toole believes musicians and sound engineers listen differently from ordinary folks. He believes that untrained folks prefer more ambience and reverberation and coloration whilst musicians have a heightened sense to coloration and tend to prefer a clean transparent or "raw" or "thin" sound. Horses for courses...
i recommend a pair of jbl 4430 or jbl 4435 studio monitors. you will not go wrong regardless of the type of music you want to listen to. if you dont want a 2 way spekaer, how about a pair of 4355 studio monitors which are 4 way? excellent detail regardless of your taste in music. flush mounting the monitors reduces defraction distortion, this is one reason it is done in studios and this is the way i have all my monitors set up. also lets not forget, the first powered/active speaker was the jbl hartsfields (1960) with tube amplification. always compare speakers to live events not to other speakers. if you try that you will take the politics out of buying. if you would like any other info regarding these speakers dont hesitate to email me and perhaps i can help.
I second Ditusa suggestions.
Look into Tannoy before you decide. I have owned most all vintage Klipsch am I altec JBL collector as well as other vintage loudspeakers. And a Tannoy monitors is a good step up in performance over the vintage kit. Some guys have near give away prices on there tannoy studio monitors.
I do like other music. Good alt.country??? Cartoon Classical, Old Smokey 2am Miles Davis or HH.

I kind of like toys, somewhat high end. I saw some JBL 9800's and the really high end 60k summit(?) I saw for sale a while back for about 12k but they are gone now.Are they worth the money? Those are the jbl's I am looking for. I do want those "God Balls" that Jaybo speaks of. Plz tell me model numbers

I have atc100's german physics,meridian,legacy to no avail. I loved my martin logan stats and if they could play louder thats what I want. I did see the Edgar Horn at ces one year and really liked but bought the gp's.

I do want the live sound and 'feel' so call it what you want. We all played in bands, bro in law is a professional trumpet player. I go to venues in clubs a couple times a month.
So i read about the emerald physics and thought i would post and ask.

I am leaning toward a custom 4 way horn built by some old altec lansing folks in the area. But resellability is a concern.
Maybe Obama can help?
Do some research on Urei 813's. I think they might be just what you are looking for.