High End HiFi Stores To Visit in Amsterdam

I will be visiting Amsterdam and The Hague, in the Netherlands, next week and would appreciate your recommendations on high end HiFi shops to visit in both cities.


As much as I love quality audio gear, I can think of about 100 more fun things to do in Amsterdam. Museums, an amazing walkable city, concerts, flavored gins, brown cafes, etc., etc.

Besides, I think the prices along with the VAT (which despite what the store owners say, never seems to get refunded to non EU visitors) will shock you.

I've been a bunch of times, and had a blast every time.
I can tell you exactly where to go. I'm pretty sure Bo1972 is somewhere near Amsterdam. Find him and listen to one of his 3D systems. Then report back and tell us what you think.
Concerto, Utrechtsestraat, Amsterdam
Rhapsody, Hilversum, very near to Amsterdam
Chattelin, The Hague
To name a few
For your next trip to Amsterdam: make sure to visit A10Audio.
Oh yeah - look up BO1972 and ask him how to go about achieving audio bliss. I suggest you start with the mental hospitals.
I am pretty certain that one does not go Amsterdam shopping for HiFi gear. Oh, there is shopping alright...Have fun!
Happy Listening.
Thanks for the tips guys. Chattelin, in The Hague, is simply amazing. They are a Devialet and Magico retailer. Read seriously high end. Great demonstration studio and a very friendly/knowledgable owner. Hope to go to some of his demonstration shows over Christmas.