High-end hifi market share

Does anyone know the market share of high-end hifi equipment within home electronic industry?

I don't know the overall statistics but it would be sad to see if it is declining. I guess it says a lot to American lifestyle of image vs. substance.
Any more Mp3 maybe considered high-end.."Its" not a dead end[hi-end audio] only a revelation to those few turned onto it by those who roll with in "it"..Tom
It has been said that the Bose marketing budget is bigger than the retail sales of all high-end brands combined. Urban myth? I don't think so. They know how to go to market; the high end brands don't.
My understanding is that the 'high-end' equates to perhaps 1 or 2 percent of the adult population. Whereas general stereo/Best Buy would obviously equate to a substantially larger percentage.

But on the other hand, what would statistics such as this have to do with image over substance? And for who? Them or us?

Besides political and religious behavior will always more clearly demonstrate image v. substance.

These statistics (if anywhere near factual) probably more clearly demonstrate the priorities that people choose and which priorities in life people are willing to compromise so that others may florish.

Perhaps the high-end best demonstrates man's depravity for material possessions more than anything.

I pray that we may agree to disagree. What we persue is art. It is as looking through soiled glass at a wonderious painting. We clean the glass to better view the hidden wonder. Behold!
Don't guess, get the data from CEA/EIA who publish it.