High End Fuses?

We spend all that money on dedicated AC lines, power conditioners, megabuck power cords, and then what do we do?
We run all that expensive "juice" thru a fifty cent fuse.
Are there any high end fuses on the market, and does it matter anyway?
Lloyd Walker is of the opinion that the direction that the current flows through a fuse makes a sonic difference (at least that's what it says in the instructions for his Motor Drive; I haven't switched the direction of the fuse yet to see if I hear a difference), so who knows? However, since the purpose of a fuse is to destroy itself if too much juice hits it, I don't know how they could market a high-end fuse effectively.
You guys worry way too much! Just enjoy the tunes.
Some people really get into the tweaking, that's OK, when they (I) get tired they sit back for a longer amount of time and enjoy the music :-)!
Sorry, I have no knowledge about a high end fuse.
You could take the fuse out and stuff a silver bar with rhodium coating over it and that would probably change the sound. Just make sure you do it when I am NOT around :)
doing what tireguy has said was a tweak that many with nerves of steel have done, ive been told it makes a sonic difference, however of course there are potential catastrophic risks....
Bell, the USA made ones. They really sound much better than the Asian stuff.
I have a friend who says ceramic fuses sound better than the 50 cent ones. My bat vk75se uses them stock on the ac inlet, but my bat pre amps don't. I'm going to go to a electronic's store and buy some. It's only a couple of bucks each...can't hurt.

Of course I'll use same values...I'll post my findings in a few weeks...
I look forward to reading your post regarding ceramic fuses sound better.
There have been discussions about this here before. FWIW, I've replaced the glass fuses in both my integrated amp and my line conditioners with ceramic fuses and there was a subtle but audible improvement in sound quality in terms of smoothness. Notice I said subtle, not "jaw dropping" or incredible. But the cost to do this is very low and I feel it to be a worthwhile tweak. If you have fuses as opposed to breakers, a ceramic fuse is supposed to be better than glass, but I have had no luck in finding them for my fusebox. Plastic based fuses, though, do sound better than their glass counterparts in my experience, and once again, this is a tweak you can do for a few dollars or less.
Hello,the best Fuse,is call Littel Fuse,made out of fiber Glass. the best