High-End equipment for music peformance?

I recently purchased a great DVD, "Calle 54", which is a chronicle of some of the best Latin Jazz musicians alive today. While I highly recommend this DVD (although the sound quality isn't the best), I was intrigued by one player in particular. Michel Camilo's performance included two other players: Horatio "El Negro" Hernandez on drums, and Anthony Jackson on bass. I noticed something familiar sitting behind Jackson, who plays a beautiful custom contrabass guitar. Much to my surprise, it was a Krell FPB 650mc monoblock! He was using the Krell amp to power his bass cabinet! How often have you heard of performers using high-end audio equipment onstage? It seems that all top musicians would want only the best for their performances.

I'm glad to see that someone else has found "Calle 54" a great DVD. I saw this DVD for the first time about a year ago, and have recommended it highly in several posts.

If you like Anthony Jackson's bass playing, you might like to check out the last CD's recorded by Michel Petrucciani just prior to his death. Anthony Jackson was a member of Petrucciani's trio, which made some great music.

Interesting comment about the Krell amp. I hadn't noticed that detail, but after reading your post I pulled out my DVD of "Calle 54" and watched the segment with Michel Camilo's trio.
I saw Keith Jarret's trio about 10 years ago or so and the bass player, either Dave Holland or Charlie Haden, don't recall which, playing upright bass with a pickup and a Cello, I'm not kidding, a Cello amplifier driving his bass bin. Too bad the PA system sucked, it was some huge horn loaded VOT type thing. I was lucky to have a front row seat and so most of the sound was direct from the musicians.
The Greatful Dead used McIntosh amps. On some of the stage shots you can see the blue meters and glass reflection in the background. I have always thought it was really cool. They were apparently big fans of nice equipment and had lots of it. As a side note, besides owning McIntosh as well, I also own the very same car model (a rare one at that) Jerry considered his favorite car: a 1972 BMW Bavaria. I learned of both after the fact so the coincidence is a surprise for me especially because I am not a big fan of theirs, but it is cool anyway. Arthur