high end distortion

just purchased a grado sonata. i am getting i high and mid band "vocal" distortion. i had the platinum and even though it was rolled off and not nearly as transparent i had "0" distortion. i set it up the same. if i increase the weight from 1.5 grams to 1.6-1.7 grams the distortion is subdude some, but, i still have it and i lose some air in the music. i had the sonata mounted on a previous basis setup with the same results. i thought it was because of the basis tt not the sonata. what should i do guys. is this just a sonic trait of the sonata? i have the lp12 with the ittok.
help ! please.
p.s. when they talk about the tracking ability of a cartridge does this equate to distortion ?
What about your VTA? Have you tried to adjust this? Any improvements?

I have a Grado Sonata also and I'm having the same problems. I plan on replacing mine with the Virtuoso Wood early in the year. I have mine on an Aries turntable. I have played with VTA and all that jazz. Some things help but it is never quite gone. Not sure, maybe I dont have a good match somewhere. But like you I have had it on several other turntables with the same results. Will keep an eye on this thread for any comments other have to help you out.

might need to experiment with cartridge loading resistance in your phono stage / or different interconnects?