High end dealers around London, UK?

A friend of mine lives in London, and he's looking to buy a new system. He's a newbie (but with lots of money), so I would like him to find a dealer that is not going to try and sell them what the dealer wants but what he wants.

Any recommendations?


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My recommendation is; http://www.kjwestone.co.uk. A good place to search for other high end HiFi/HT dealers in the UK is; http://absolutesounds.com/nearest_dealer.php

However, your friend will be shocked when he finds out how high end audio equipment prices in the UK compare to what you and I pay in the States.
[http://www.oandlhifi.co.uk] Oranges & Lemons in South London is a real nice shop and worth checking out.

In my experience, Croft is hard-to-beat UK equipment. One by one, hand wired point-to-point minimalist design. Reasonably priced, Bullet proof and just sounds right. Tubes and tube/hybrid designs. -May wish to get US version if returning to the states anytime soon. Be sure to listen to the Special "R" integrated - not yet available here. Cheers!
Croft Dealer in London:

Walrus Systems
11 New Quebec St.

Phone:- 0207 7247224
Fax:- 0207 7244347

Website:- www.walrus.co.uk
email:- [email protected]
I second Walrus - had a good experience with them recently.
Walrus is excellent, there are some excellent dealers near to London, working from home, I have bought from and trust, including:
Trevor at http://www.guildfordaudio.co.uk/

Keith at http://www.angelsoundaudio.co.uk/

Absolute sounds is a distributor, not a dealer and I have found them a bit of a pain and not interested unless you have £100,000, burning a hole in your pocket.

Trevor and Keith are both great and will build a system to suit your pocket
I still have it on my list to visit Definitive a/k/a Living Voice. Cool, Edwardian
factory building as showroom/facility. I'm overdue for a trip to the UK, and
will try to hit it along with a visit to the Morgan factory in Malvern.
PS: Definitive is not in London, but about 200k away- probably worth the
drive if you set up an appointment in advance.
In London
HMF Solutions
33, Sutherland grove
SW18 5QP