High end Class D amps?

Just an observation and a question. Are there 'high end' Class D amps out there that are just as good as Class A, A/B amps? I realize that's a sensitive question to some and I mean no disrespect---but whenever I see others' hifi systems on social media, all of the amps are A or A/B. There's always Pass, McIntosh, Moon, Luxman, Accuphase, etc. Where are the Class Ds? For folks out there that want more power for less efficient speakers and can't afford the uber expensive Class As, A/Bs, what is there to choose from that's close to those brands? Thanks
@ kh007: Oops I stand corrected. Thanks!
@grk, Tommy uses an in-house designed Class D solution instead of adding a custom buffer to off the shelf modules, and they sound terrific.
You wondered about Mola Mola.  Of this I can speak from experience.  A pair came up locally for sale and I went to audition them.  I was blown away by the dynamics at the seller's home, but unsure since the system and setting were very different.  So the gentleman was kind enough to travel with me to audition the Kalugas in my system.  Again, I was blown away.
They made my Revel Salon 2's sing and explode like nothing I had heard prior.  They easily bested my current Classe Audio CA-2300, as well as the former PS Audio Stellar 300's.  I put them in and out of my system comparing the Classe.  I heard much more dynamic bass...tight and controlled..but also heard sparkle and sounds I had previously not heard.
Used, for under 7k.  I now have added the Makua Preamp with internal Tambaqui.  I believe it is the implementation of the the Class D technology, just as with any component, that makes it excellent or not.  One should not evaluate all class D amplifiers as equal.  I have my heavy amps downstairs...Audionet..and they are better.  But the size, ease, appearance  and sound of these Mola Mola components are winners!
Isn't class D just prepackaged class ab?