High end Class D amps?

Just an observation and a question. Are there 'high end' Class D amps out there that are just as good as Class A, A/B amps? I realize that's a sensitive question to some and I mean no disrespect---but whenever I see others' hifi systems on social media, all of the amps are A or A/B. There's always Pass, McIntosh, Moon, Luxman, Accuphase, etc. Where are the Class Ds? For folks out there that want more power for less efficient speakers and can't afford the uber expensive Class As, A/Bs, what is there to choose from that's close to those brands? Thanks
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@noble100 Thanks for the suggestions----I've heard good things about D-Sonic. What preamp(s) have you used with the D-Sonics? I'm not really a tube person--I prefer SS. I've never had mono blocks so that's something I need to check out too.
I like the Classe class d amps. 
Another vote for Bel Canto. I had Bel Canto Ref 1000 monoblocks powering my Apogees for about 10 years. Totally transparent. Plenty of power. Loved them, but like any true audiophile I had to try something else.

Check out Legacy’s new IV Class D amps. I have a V5 for my surround’s and a V2 for my mains. Coming from an ATI 6005 Signature series. Very satisfied. They run cool and absolutely no transformer hum;