High End Audio Rack

What are some of the racks available if one wants to spend up to $5k on a really decent audio rack that offers superior damping to vibration, looks, build quality, etc. This is one area I am not up to speed with.
I would look at the Finite Elemente Pagode Master Reference, Grand Prix Monaco and the Sistrum...among others.

The HRS stand is another winner but at many more $$'s
Ultrasonic, call Tate, Awesome custom racks.
He will custom make one for you & is great to deal with.
Look under stands & you will see his ad.
Good Luck
The Walker Audio Prologue Rack

Check out Rix Rax

I would go for Sistrum racks. They look good and provide vibration control
Here's another vote for rixrax. I have a Sonata, and I love it, both for looks and performance.
I'll second the Walker Audio Prologue Rack, if you can convince Lloyd to build one for you. Works exceptionally well here.
Symposium Isis. Research this rack. Symposium can ameliorate any number of isolation/energy dispersion issues. IMO, for the $$$ one has to spend on Arcici, fine elemente, grand prix, or Symposium, you should really make the effort to determine which rack truly floats your boat. Testimonials are great, but at this level of commitment you should go the extra mile.
Those little plastic stacking tables that Wal-mart sells :-)
I am sure if you look hard you will find many racks for far below the 5grand mark that offer alot of what your asking and alot of cash left over for plenty software of your choice?
The Silent Running Audio Craz rack costs more than $5,000 but INMO is the best high performance audio rack on the planet. I have upgraded my entire system during the past year, and after my speaker upgrade from my 20-year old Thiel 3.0s to Wilson Sophias and speaker cable upgrade from 16-year old MIT Shotgun to Transparent Ultra MM, the Craz rack made the biggest difference in my system -- bigger than upgrading my amps from ML 20.5s to Lamm M1.2s, my preamp from ML 28 to Ayre K-1xe, CD player from 16-year old Esoteric and Theta to Ayre C-5xe.

And you won't find a nicer or more knowledgeable guy to deal with than Kevin Tellekamp.


Check out the soon to be released Sistrum MachII,if you know anything about the 101 and it's abilities.Then the new one with the new feet should be killer and on a sonic plane that other stands can only dream about!!Take care Dennis
I second the Pagode....also get the ceraballs feet and put them under the stand...makes a decent diff