High end audio dealer in San Jose, CA

Anyone know if there is any high end audio in San Jose, CA or near by area
Please help

Thank you very much
I haven't visited any hifi shops for a while but you can check out The Analog Room, Century Stereo, and Audible Arts. Hopefully they're all still around.
Thanks alot
Bizango1, is correct that all three of those are still around. (However, Century Stereo has turned into a mostly Home Theater store unfortunately. Too bad, as I bought my first pair of audiophile speakers there about 25 years ago.)

The Analog Room is highly recommended, especially for anything turntable related, and that includes a fair amount of vinyl. (They have more turntables than any two stereo stores that I know of.) Brian Hartsell, the owner, has been a great help to me in assembling the front end of my system.

Audible Arts is also recommended, but not quite as highly, (but still very much recommended.) Jeff, the owner, is a really nice guy too.

A couple of other audio shops that are close to San Jose are:

Audio High, in Mtn. View.
(A small, but nice, shop).

The New Audible Difference, in Palo Alto.
(This shop was renowned for being very stuck-up and arrogant, at least IMHO. However, they have reopened, after they went out of business, and might have a better attitude.)

Good Luck in your search!!!
I also highly recommend The Analog Room in San Jose. His store is very hard to
find and the store does NOT have a sign on the outside. Please look at a map or your GPS. You should also call to confirm his hours. The address is:

The Analog Room
1416 Fruitdale Avenue
San Jose, Ca 95128
(408) 971-6158
The Analogue Room is your best bet. Great vinyl selection (as the name implies). Although the Audible Difference has reopened in a new location, it is still stuck up and arrogant, IMHO (of course).
Call Fred Nadel at Pure Audio. (831 234 4139) His audition room is in Scotts Valley, about 30 miles from San Jose.
I think He has Magico q5, Zanden and BaLabo electronics and GrandPrix Monaco TT set up.

Also in San Jose, there is Nick Gowan's audio room, I forget his busibess name and phone, but you might want to look him up (or someone can chime in)
As requested by Nilthepill above:

True Sound
Nick Gowan
136 Kennedy Avenue
Campbell, CA 95008

Tel 408/370-7578