High End Amp Choice: Boulder or Viola?

I'm looking to replace my amps with either Boulder 1050 monos or Viola Symphonies to be used with Wilson Audio Maxx2's.

What do you thinkI know about Boulders but don't have much info on how Violas perform. How will they compare with Boulders? Did anyone have chance to listen to both of these amps?

Both choices are good one specially if you will use them as combos: Boulder 1050/1010 0r 1060/1010. Viola Symphony is stereo amp but, you thought about using it as monos?
Well, I will not recommend that. Stick with single Symphony, it has enough power for MaxxII. Viola Symphony/Cadenza combo is very good one but, IMO Boulder are better(only new Krell Evolution's are in the same class). I audition Viola's only at audio show and they sounded to cool for me. I tried Boulder 1060/1010 combo with my former speakers(W/P7) and it bettered my Ayre V1x/K1x(also sold!) combo in every respect.
You can check the December issue of Stereophile where there is an equipment report of the Viola Cadenza preamp and a little comments about the Symphony amp. I will have the Cadenza/Symphony combo soon, anyway, and let you know more. Best, luca.
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Viola Audio Labs Spirito/Bravo or Cadenza/Symphony, much better to Boulder.
Razan, how do you know they are 'Much Better'? Did you try/listen both brands with similar setups?
Muratc,Yès for my system the Viola work much Better, the last year, I used the Boulder, I sold them.
i've heard the boulder equipment on a couple of occassions and i think that they look great but don't sound great, especially for the money.
Simply put the Boulder amps are wonderful, I own the 1050's with the 1010 preamp. My setup include the Wilson Maxx 2's and MIT Oracle V1.1 speaker cables, TNT HRX turntable and the BAT VK10SE phono pre with a Reimyo cdp-777 as dig front end. If you want to get the most out of your X2's i highly recommend the Boulders. Read Jeff Fritz's review of the Boulder 1010 pre and 1060 stereo amp at www.ultraaudio.com he also owns the Wilson Alexandria's and says he has heard nothing better when it comes to driving them.

Good Luck with your choice!