High efficiency speakers

I am looking for medium size high efficiency speakers. How would you compare trenner & friedl RA and Devore orangutan 0/96? Any others I Should be looking at that similar or smaller footprint and can be driven sufficiently by 8w 300b SET? Thanks
I'll second the rec's for Coincident and Zu. I've owned Coincident total victory's and currently Zu superfly supreme. Both are excellent. The Zu does have a smaller footprint.

One suggestion would be to try the speakers with your amps as their only 8 watts/channel. On paper it should work. In reality the combo may not produce the dynamics/loudness your looking for depending on musical tastes/room size etc. Zu has a 60 day in home trial.
Not sure about your price point but you should add Daedalus to your list. I heard the new Muse at CAF this weekend and it was exceptional. He has a number of other medium sized floor standers that are worth a look, including the Athena. All are very high efficiency designs.