High Efficiency Speakers Your top 3 or more

Not taking cost or musical preferences into account what are the top 3 high efficiency speakers you've ever heard, overall?
Loth-X Polaris

Haven't heard anything else in that league.
How highly efficient?

Is 89-90 db enough? I think that gets you into the ballpark with most good tube amps. Or are we talking only horn loaded or similar designs much higher than that?
Let's say 92 db or higher and preferably at least 6 ohms avg. Single ended triode stuff.
Tannoy 215 DMT II
Infinity Prelude MTS
I have not heard many like that actually.

Some I would like to hear are Avantgarde and Classic Audio Reproductions (I think their horns qualify though I do not know their efficiency specs).

Cardersound is a reasonably priced line that I would like to hear.

Of course the usual culprits, the Klipschorns (the only ones I have actually heard though its been a while).

The thing with these very high efficiency horns is they tend to be BIG! You have to have the right room for a lot of them, althoughif WAF is not a concern, I've seen some monster horns fit into pretty tight quarters!

Also Cain & Cain Abbeys. Very slick looking!
Audiokinesis Jazz Modules
Tonian Labs TL-D1
Cain & Cain Abbeys

I own the first two pairs, would love to own a pair of the third someday.
klipsch heritage series, coincident, various vintage cabasse models..clipper, sloop, sanpan, etc
Zu and Audio Note.

The Tonians are a very interesting design! Thanks for sharing!
Another vote
for Audio Note

I've been looking at those Tonians for a week or so now. I just got a price list today. They have some pretty expensive models in their line up. However that model you have $2500 retail I think. How good is it?

Klipsch La Scala

Cain and Cain Abbey
I'd give a listen to 'Coincident' and 'Devore' speakers.
They're at the top of my list.
Altec A7, finest speaker at any price.
The Tonian TL-D1 is an interesting design. Think of it as a single driver wannabe, but with super tweeter and very simple crossover. I had been wanting to try these for 4 years (up until recently they listed for $1750) and found a great deal on a used pair here. Unless you pay extra, the finish is basic and will easily show some flaws, but the sound is extremely fast and transparent. They go down to the low 40's, and placement is flexible as you can tune the bass via the adjustable bass port. The cabinet is lightweight and has very thin walls (think acoustic guitar, violin, or similar instrument body) using the reverberations to voice the speaker.

Duke and Tony make great speakers (the new Audiokinesis Prism is interesting too for $2500), but take some opposite approaches in design. I don't think the TL-D1's have the timbre of the Jazz Modules, nor the punch, but they play a lot bigger than their size and are slightly more balanced tonally. In many ways they remind me of my old Spendor's but more neutral.
Shindo Latour, Auditorium 23 Solovox, and Omega Max Hemp.
Tannoys with 15 in. concentric drivers
Lamhorn with AER full range
Cerwin Vega CLS-215. Test measurements here. About 92 dB efficiency plus 500 watts power handling plus bass extension well into the 20's.
I suppose you could look at Living Voice as well. Although it seems their distribution in the US is dwindling.
Audiokinesis, Coincident, Classic Audio Reproductions.
Living Voice speakers are easy to drive and work well with tubes, but not a good value IMHO. Distribution was never good in US and getting worse.
ess with heil drivers. infinity qab,s.,4001, klh scxa
Klipsch Cornwall, Fostex 166 in a BLH and Snell E MkII
surely high efficiency is over 95bd/watt? Can you really call 92db high efficiency?
Belle Klipsch.
Best sound/appearance/price package to be found.
The new Soundquest H-10,H-12,& H-15 are exceptional speakers.I find the H-12 to be the sweet-spot in the line-up and my favorite! My favorite single driver HE speaker is the Omega SuperHemp.
A friend had a pair of BSL(Brentworth Sound Labs)single driver floorstanding speakers.While the Superhemps are my favorite single driver speakers due to their big/warm sound,the BSL speakers were incredibly detailed and their imaging was also first rate.
I have heard a few high efficiency speakers and this is my favorite. Good luck!
My pick would be Horning Aristoteles. I have heard a few high efficiency speakers and this is my favorite. Good luck!
I really like my Serious Stereo Altec 604-H based speakers. I have heard the Sunny Cable horn speakers and they are very good. Would love to hear the Shindo Latour's.
Horning, Followed by Tannoy, and Zu a distant third
I am glad somebody chimed in on 92,cause I had Montana esp's; which are 92, and no way/no how for SE reproduction.
I then bought Lowther and for the price you get a lot.
You cannot talk about high efficiency speakers, without mentioning Avantgarde.
Also Classic Audio Reproductions T1, with field coil drivers, are very, very good.
Acapella (the model escapes me now)- I should put it after the Avantgarde Duo G2, which were outstanding at this year CES, and CAR T1.
I have owned or heard all of the following and in general favor these high efficiency designs
Audio Note AN/E sec
Exemplar Horns
Tonian TLM-1
Tonian Classic 12.1 (currently own these)
Magico Ultimates
Klipsch Corner Horns
JBL Parragon
Merlin VSM MXE
Horning Alkibiades
Acapella (not sure which model..ion tweter)
One of the best I've owned was the ADS 1530, with an efficiency rating of 95 db. They could play loud, could handle 500 watts,and sounded great. They were Telarc's studio monitors for years, until they updated and went to Waveform Mach 7's. Their only drawback was their immense size, being 2" wide, 52" high, and weighing over 100 lbs. Sometimes I still wish I had them back. I'm currently using their 1590's, not quite as efficient as the 1530's, but only 12" wide towers.
The Tonian approach to cabinet design and resonance control (more "instrument" like) was something I had not heard of before that sounds very interesting. I'm wondering do any of these others take a similar approach?
I think Audio Note, Stellovox, beauhorn, lamhorn and perhaps Latour do.
So far, I don't care for any of them.
jbl l300's jbl4333 l200t3
Avantgarde Duo Omega
Avantgarde Duo
I don't think anyone has mentioned Avantgarde Acoustic horn loudpeakers yet? Avantgarde Trios have a specified efficiency (1Watt/1m) of >109 dB, beat that! I am sure someone will.
Are klipsch forte II in the same league as any of these others? I think those are like 99db efficient.
The Lamhorn is very good - can be forward.

The Beauhorn is also very good, quite a bit smoother, but less heft.

Of course neither of these have any real highs (and if you 'throw in a super-tweeter' you're now building your own speaker).

Devore are great speakers but they are really not high-eff in any sense, though they will play on a 300B.

Klipsch can sound decent but the people who say they are mid-fi speakers stock do have a point.

The various Fostex backloaded horns have beguiling qualities but I have not heard one that did not have some forwardness/peakiness issues.

The Audio Note AN/Es are very special and will play decently on a 45 SET. Unfortunately in a great many rooms it is nearly impossible to get smooth bass in the corners and out of the corners the bass reach is quite compromised.

The Tonian speakers are absolute, pure genius.
The "best" I've heard...size and cost not object...have been the Classic Audio Reproductions T1.3 with field coil drivers.

Coincident speakers are very nice, and are available in sizes to fit all rooms.

When I was auditioning speakers last year, I shifted my evaluation paradigm by giving less weight to technical analysis and perfection, and more weight to emotional impact and fun-factor. When I gave more weight to my tapping toes and bobbing head, I voted for Audio Note AN/E.

I've been interested in trying high efficiency horns primarily based on fun factor as well as being at the other end of the design spectrum from everything I run currently.

The CAR speaks with the field coil drivers must be absolutely fantastic (and expensive), perhaps without comparison in certain ways.

When the time comes, I'll be wading into these waters to see how it feels before going for a major plunge!

WAF is a major inhibitor for me with these high efficiency horns because I would like to target them into my wife's sunroom where the Dynaudio monitors sit relatively unobtrusively today.

Very informative thread here!
Thanks for all the responses.

I admit the Tonians, Coincidents, and Audio notes were high on my list when I started this thread. Thanks for chiming in on those TVAD and Paulfolbrecht.

There is definitely something special about the Audio Notes but they're certainly not cheap. The pair I heard were like $50k retail. But it sure seems like a lot of people end there after trying around. However I'm guessing the Tonians have a lot of similarities to the Audio Notes and they are considerably cheaper.

It seems like there are a lot of other companies flying under the radar which is what I was hoping to hear about. I feel like there is a small resurgence in high efficiency designs going on.

There have been at least a few suggestions I have not heard of before, and a lot I've never heard.

A few people chimed in 92db is not efficient and I agree but I figured it was the bottom end of what any sane audiophile could classify as efficient. I had to pick some bottom threshold so there it is.
The Audio Note AN-E/SPe HE speakers I heard at RMAF and eventually purchased have a frequency response of 17Hz-22KHz (-6dB) and start at $7500 in the standard finishes.

From my research into Tonian speakers, including emails with Tony, his models with similar frequency response cost about the same or more. The Classic 12.1 for example (32Hz-40KHz), I believe retails for over $12k (someone please correct me).

The Tonian TL-D1 that everyone considers a bargain, have a frequency response of 42Hz-40KHz. Limited bass response.

Be certain when comparing prices, you compare speakers with apples-to-apples specs.
Classic Audio Repro, Sonist, Coincident...i do think we are on the right track...happy listening
You are correct on Tonian. The 12.1 w/ copper voice coils are $11,900.

I'm totally lost on the Audio Note models and prices. I just can't make heads or tails of them. perhaps I'll call Audio Federation which is who displayed them at RMAF. It seems like the base models are fairly affordable and the high end model is the same basic speaker with upgraded parts. I can't imagine what they could do though to add $40,000 though. Even Tony's PHY drivers, which are some fairly expensive around, can be had at Madisound for a few thousand each.

I thought that model they had at RMAF was the same one I heard at their showroom which they told me was $50k+. They must have brought something else. Every time I was in their room at RMAF they were blaring rock music to show how well they can do rock music. That really turned me off and sent me moving on. If I wanted to play rock music I sure wouldn't be looking at Audio Notes. :)
Audio Federation had two rooms at RMAF 2009. One room had the $7500 AN-E/SPe HE, and the larger room had the $50K AN-E SEC Signature (lots of silver in the drivers and crossovers).

I listen to plenty of rock on my Audio Notes. ZZ Top's "Tres Hombres" was cranked up yesterday.