High Efficiency Open Baffle Line Source Loudspeaker System



It is an interesting system and with promising specification with 105db/W.



They had been for 14 years with making Analysis Audio Planar speakers.

Factory direct price of 24,000$ but with no return.

I shall find way to audition it.

I wish to get opinion from our members on the specification of this system.
I got contact with Mike of Aaron Audio.

They have showroom in North Carolina, US.

Before going there, I also inquired about the amplifiers they use.

I am more interested in whether planar and bass module do seamless integration or not.

Of course I also wish to confirm 105db/w by hearing on the spot.

I wish to use LM 508 48W SET amplifier for the tower if possible.
Sounds like marketing hype! Go listen instead to the new Carver line array. He has more credibility, for sure!
neodymium magnets weighing just under one pound are used for each driver.

That is the claim for high efficiency and I want to confirm whether it is true.

But if so, it is a really nice system for SET amplifier.
It will be nice if some member living near Charlotte, NC audition this speaker to confirm efficiency and sound quality of sound.

Mike of Arionaudio claims that it can drive tower section with 2 or 3 watts 2A3 tube amplifier with enough sound in big showroom.


I am more intrigued by this speaker.

It is too bad that music playing is just plain.

I will audition it Mid January next year.