High efficiency monitors for SET amp in small room - budget 2.5k

Soliciting recommendations for high efficiency monitors that would work well paired with a relatively low-powered (22wpc) SET amp (Line Magnetic LM-218ia) in a small listening room. Budget is modest, around $2,500 and potentially stretching to $3,000 - thinking I'll be looking at pre-owned. Listen mostly to chamber music and jazz, not really worried about reproducing large scale orchestral music or rock.

Thanks for your thoughts!
Reference 3a mm de capo...best speaker for set amp..2800
Since you like the Harbeth sound I doubt you would go wrong with the Harbeth P3ESR!
A sealed 2 way is perfect for a small room like yours!

like nyaudio98 said
Ref3A de Capos. if you dont like the newer finish look for the model I. wood veneer. run it with a 4 at decware loud enough in a 12 x 20 room
I had the Emerald Physics from two to three feet from the wall. Much less critical then the Maggies.  I found the more distance between the speakers ( putting them closer to the side wall ) the better. I had them 6 inches from the side. The speakers totally disappear and sound great. You probably also can find some great deals on the Emerald Physics . I ordered the Spatial M 5's because of the size of my room and the simplicity of the design. Do not let anyone tell you OB's don't make bass, they make the sound of bass better then anything I ever heard.