High efficiency monitors

I have just gotten back from being re-furbished my late father's Fisher 100B. I am now looking to purchase a small pair of monitors that will complement it. The unit is rated to produce about 20 WPC, so high efficiency speakers would be ideal. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
There's plenty of choices. I would say do some listening and pick speakers that match up well with your personal preferences.
You can't do any better than these:
be wary of manufacturers sensitivity/efficiency ratings, they can be quite misleading...
If you want to make an all vintage system, consider a pair of Klipsch Heresy I's or Heresy II's. They are often driven with 20w/ch tube amps as well as 200w+/ch SS amps. Price of entry ranges from around $250.00 to around $600.00 based on condition.

Here is a link from Absolute sound about the Heresy III's. They are a little more refined than the H1's or H2"s but all can be driven with similar amplifiers.