high-efficiency loudspeakers

 What is the best high-efficiancy loudspeakers? If you have it, are you  happy ?
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+1 on Audio Note speakers overall, I have AN-J's slightly less efficient at 93db and love them driving them with 17 sweet tube watts.
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Classic Audio Loudspeakers. Best I've heard and I've had many
I'm very happy with my single-driver Omega Super 3i Monitors. Fantastic speakers at their price-point. Efficiency is 94.5 dB at 8 ohms and they're mated right now with an inexpensive Chi-fi (3.5 wpc) SET integrated. A Decware SE84UFO (2 wpc) is in my immediate future. 
Have Zu Definition IV, and with the right electronics [tubes] they make music. Will say that with any hi-eff speakers you have to clean up the AC a bit. Actually, I'm in love with them but hate to do the fanboy thing.