High Efficiency home speakers or Pro speakers - Recommendations

I'm currently in the process of building a media room (5.2.2)

Existing equipment:

Denon X4500H

Paradigm Studio 20 v5 bookshelf

SVS PB4000

Room dimensions: 18x17x9 ft

I'm trying to decide on equipment and stumbled upon the high efficiency speakers (both Pro and Home) and wanted so recommendations on what to expect and whether its worth considering them over standard tower based LR channels (SVS Ultra towers for example)

The speakers I was considering for LCR were (open to other suggestions):

Klipsch Heresy IV

Klipsch KL-650-THX or KL-525-THX


JBL L82 Classic

JBL Pro Cinema 3678

JBL Pro Cinema C211

Amplifier (Planing to use the Denon initially, but will add an amp down the line)

Emotiva or Monolith 7-channel Class AB amp

Subwoofers Optional, as I can just use the PB4000 for the time being (Either compliment existing PB4000 or standalone):

1x PSA 1512DF

1x Rythmik FV15HP

1x Rythmik FV18

JBL Pro Cinema 3635 (+ Crown CDi 1000)

JBL Pro Cinema 4641 (+ Crown CDi 1000)

I'm sensitive to harsh highs and don't listen at very high volumes. Which is one of the reasons I didn't consider horn loaded speakers (which may have been a misconception in my head), but I'd like to know of that's something to worry about. I wouldn't want the volume to be cranked in order to get punchy chest hits from the speakers. 

This room is going to be dedicated for Movies and maybe 10-20% music listening. I'm trying to keep my budget for the speakers + Subwoofer under USD $5k. Trying to understand the advantages to home HE speakers as well as the Pro cinema speakers. Also trying to understand if there's a catch as far as the amplification or wiring of any of these. My Front LCRs are being prewired with 12Gauge Copper, so hopefully current handling won't be an issue.

Also open to understanding if a Pro Cinema Sub + Home speakers or Pro Cinema Speakers + Home Subs would be something to consider (basically mix and match). 

Thanks and looking forward to recommendations. Cheers

1st comment... your new room is almost square... and 18 is a multiple of 9, not ideal... can you make it 17x19 or 16x18?

2nd, why do you emphasize high efficiency speakers? they can often sound harsh and biting, esp. with solid state amplification - high efficiency speakers are usually coupled with low power tube amps that deliver a sweeter, more rolled off sound than solid state provides

you would certainly want solid state amps for home theater as they provide the brute power and impact needed for that use

Forget all of the above! Just get a pair of Tekton Moabs and a good two-channel amp. No need for a center channel and sub's! Don't fall for the home theater "speakers on all sides" bs!