High Efficiency 2 way floorstanding or B

I am interested in getting a feedback into some floorstanding or standmounted speakers between 1-2k that would be suitable with very low powered solid state amplification, 25 W at most. What sensitivity is recommended? Would it be good to match it with a 90db sens, 92 or 94 db? PAUL
Well, that depends on what you're trying to achieve. If you want to run a house-club, you need the highest sensitivity you can get, but if you listen to music in a medium-sized, not overly damped room, and do not intend to listen to stomach-bashing sound-levels, 90db should be okay. Don't stare to much to specs, just listen. When it sounds good, go for it. Michiel.
Paul: How large is the room and do you play demanding music (full scale classical) at high volume? I will be auditioning the Reynaud Twin and Trente this week and have already listened to the Coincident Triumph Sigs. I liked the Triumphs, they seem to be a good all around speaker. Any of the above are easy to drive, the Reynauds are 4 ohm loads which should be OK with SS. Reynaud also has new speaker stands that are said to add loads to the bottom end of their monitors as well as opening up the midrange. The impedence/load of a speaker and how it interacts with the amplifier is just as important as the efficiency rating. Don't know the tech talk of why this is, but I have had a lot of good and bad matches over the years. Sometimes a speaker of lower efficiency can sound more dynamic with a given amp than one that is rated higher. High impedence is not "always" a blessing either as (for example) some SET's favor a 4ohm load, which is odd for a tube amp. Anyway tell us what the rest of the gear is plus the room size and listening tastes and I am certain that someone will come up with some good matches. I am in immediate need of easy to run (but smaller speakers) right now and may pick up a pair of the Reynauds or Coincident's this Wednesday.
B&W P5 & P6 are 90db. I know of people running those small 6 or so watt tube amps with them.
Meadowlark shearwaters (Hot Rod). Great two way, probably the best. They are only 88db but oh the sound, 25 watt would be enough.
Soliloquy makes highly efficient speakers - in fact they are explicitly designed for SETs - the 5.3 is available on Audiogon for around $1300. Silverline Audio would also be a good choice.