High eff. Musical warm bookshelves for a 45 amp?

Hey guys,

I'm considering getting a 45 tube amp with an output of 2W. To pair with them I could really only use bookshelves; this is in a nearfield position @ a computer desk, so that might give me a bit more headroom on sensitivity than usual.

But anyway, I'm wondering if there are any bookshelves with a suitable efficiency that have my sound signature preference: musical, warm, and non-fatiguing. Pretty much what the stereotype of what tube amps sound like (except applied to speakers)

I've been looking around... and honestly I'm having trouble finding any fitting my preferences at any price point it seems. Any suggestions for brands/specific speakers I can look for? My price range is $1k-$5k. Though anything approaching $5k I'd have to buy at a later time period, so ideally around $2-$2.5k, with any higher suggestions put on a wishlist.
Hi, That's a pretty tall order! The only one that comes to mind is the Teresonic Magus. Maybe one of Decware's bookshelves would work also, at a lower price.
Good luck! Tish
It's purpose built for desktop use along with low powered tube stuff. I haven't heard it so can't comment, but I do know the Omega speakers have a strong following among many SET folks.
You have some great potential with a 45 tube amp. I'd be looking for a single driver based bookshelf. I have used Omega speakers with my small 45 and 2a3 amps and was happy with the results.
I came across a pair of empty Electrovoice Baronet cabinets. H-22" W-14" D-13". These are corner designed cabinets. (not quite bookshelf size) Would originally have a EV 8" woofer and small horn tweeter. I loaded them with JBL 8" Full Range 16 ohm 1950's vintage. Was using them with a Heathkit SA-3 integrated, el84 - 3 watts per channel. Also have a pair of JBL LE8T 8" full range 8 ohm, which I had not tried.
I then used them with Wavelength 45 amplifiers. My point is that you have many options.
Zu Omen Bookshelf. Or watch for a pair of used Zu Druid Credenza. The new Zu Union Cube is an interesting alternative but it will be less forgiving, having more resolving traits demanding of excellent source and amp.

Airtight Bonsais
The model "One Pi" from Pi speakers. It seems to be pretty sensitive at an honest 94db/m with a bening impedance curve for an SET amp. At 12"x18", it's not a mini-monitor, but likely as small as you're going to find, while being fairly efficient with decent low end extension.