High Current VS Dedicated Source Cables : Audioquest

I already own a AQ HC Hurricane for my tube amp but now looking for a source cable and very curious about the sonic qualities between the HC and dedicated source cables for components.

I ordered a Audioquest Tornado Source cable (16 gauge) a month ago and just picked it up today except they sent the wrong one. The one sent is the Tornado High Current which is a thicker 12 gauge cable. I'm trying to decide if I should sent it back. Sonic quality is my only concern between the two. Anyone have any experience with source vs HC cables?


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The best info would come from the manufacturer- and I know AQ answers the phone.
Other than that, I would think the incorrect cable should be fine.
I am using a HC Hurricane on my preamp and it sounds great. I suspect you can use the HC cord on anything, but should not use the Source cord on an amp that is HC. Neal
Thanks for your thoughts. Going to give it a few more days but I’m finding the low end a little soft with the HC cable. Not sure if it’s right as a source cable. I think I may return this Tornado 2m HC and exchange and for a 1m Hurricane Source.
Hello ; why would it be better for a DAC source Dragon cable than Dragon HC cable ? what would be the indication and the decision to use a cable that is even thinner ...? There is an explanation from a technical point of view; or is just a cheaper cable; a HC cable that is used on a DAC, might not sound as good? I already have Firebird HC and Dragon HC for conditioner and amplifier  But for my DAC, DAC PS Audio Directstream senior would be the best choice? Thank you for your answer