High current power cables


How come some manufacturers offer high current power cables for use with amplifiers and some don't? Is this to say that the companies who don't offer one have designed their power cables to work in any application? 




Your power supply looks great to me.  As long as you are supplying your amp with enough juice that does the job.  Don't overspend for no benefit.

My old Krell KSA50 (D'Agostino's first product, mid 80s) used to play on after power down in distorted mode for about 10 seconds.  Now, that's a proper power supply.  But as you say created by the storage in his amp not by $8,000 six foot lengths of cable terminating 20 miles of supply from the power station/windmill.

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Thank your for your support and understanding.

Yes I have nothing to do with 'clearthink' who does not do that.

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I believe clearthink and clearthinker are two different, legit individuals. I am however sure about "deluded audiophile" dude.

You may well be right, @thyname. I'm inclined to ignore them all.

seeing as i have been a member here for quite some time but am usually

quiet about what i say. But I will say this the above arguments have been quite interesting... See i hold a Electrical Engineering degree from Purdue university

and happened to work for the power company in northern Indiana just over the boarder from Chicago. for over 40 yrs in the high voltage substation and transmission area 


It seems both of you forget at least 4 houses are tied together on a 75kva transformer mounted on a pole which is usually tied to a 12kv line that runs back to the substation with plenty of other transformers on the same circuit that happens to feed to your Main Breaker box so your power coming in is only as clean as what the power company is producing that day along with other items happening

I.E. peoples A/C turning on and off all day long  So what you do from your breaker panel in your house on the circuit going to you equipment is really all you can effect

on the wall outlet that feeds your equipment So no matter what you do, yes you will improve the power feed to your gear but you will be at the mercy of what the power company is providing you with.at that moment in time

Thank You