High Current Integrated Options for Manger Speakers

Hey Folks:

Looking for suggestions for high current integrateds (tube, hybrid, or solid state) under $10k. Folks who have direct experience driving Manger loudspeakers with such are particularly encouraged to share your thoughts! Internal phono and DAC not required.


No experience whatsoever with Manger speakers.  However, very happy using Coda CSiB Integrated amp to drive a pair of Thiel CS 2.4 speakers which are notoriously hard to drive (nominally 4 ohm impedance, but dropping to under 3 ohms at 600hz).  The Coda amp is a solid state class A/B design, built in the U.S., and available in 3 versions.   All 3 versions go for the same price (list price is $7500), but have more or less watts biased to class A.  I have the version 1, with 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms, with first 18 watts in class A.  The versions 2 and 3 have less watts in class A, and more watts available in class B.  All versions continue to double down as you halve the impedance.  The Coda comes with a 10 year warranty, first 5 of which is transferable.  The principals at Coda worked with Nelson Pass at Threshold.  You may wish to call Coda and talk to Doug Dale.  I purchased my amp new from Audio Archon, and Audio Archon and Mike Kay are very good to deal with as well.

You might find the Circle Labs A200 interesting. Here's a thread on Audiogon where owners share their opinions, and here's a comment specifically about Circle Labs and Manger (link):

I am a very proud owner of a Circle Labs A200.  To say it has helped transform my system would be an understatement.  Everything that has already been said, I agree with.  All I can say is that paired with my Manger Z1 speakers, I’ve never been happier.  Music comes alive now and I find myself more engrossed in each song.  It’s definitely a keeper.

Used Gryphon Diablo 300 should do it. If you like its presentation. It will be a little over $10k but not by much.

mangers are fairly efficient, 4 ohms - not all that hard to drive

usual suspects in highly qualified integrateds

hegel h390 or 590

pass int60 150 or 250

krell integrated (s550i forward)

big luxman, boulder, ayre, accuphase

Second Gryphon Diablo 300. Just lots and lots of current and power. Plus amazing refinement 


Why are you asking for a “high current” integrated? At ~89dB, Manger speakers seem relatively easy to drive.  

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. @kennyc  Several reviews of the Mangers indicate they are lower sensitivity than reported and also I have it on good authority that the brand flourishes when fronted by high current designs. Please keep the ideas flowing as none of the models mentioned are ringing my bell aesthetically.

@dodgealum You're pivoting from Soundlabs to Mangers? Did you finally get to listen to the Soundlabs? Like I mentioned when we spoke, if you can drive a bit further to Philly, I know 2 who would host you. Cheers,


Please keep the ideas flowing as none of the models mentioned are ringing my bell aesthetically.



Anthem STR. There's a reason it remains on Stereophile's Class A recommened list years after it's introduction.

BAT tube gear is known for high current, using the MIG fighter tubes. They have a couple of integrateds that go for $<10K used, not sure about current new pricing or changes. I'm commenting based on hearing their older models, as I haven't heard their latest, but perhaps someone whose hear those can chime in. Cheers,


As a Manger P1 owner I can offer some experience that may help.  I use a Pass X250.8 stereo amplifier fronted by a First Sound PS III pre amp with dual external power supplies.  The Mangers love the Pass.  If I had to start over I’d buy the Pass 250 integrated, no question.  I have toyed with the thought from time to time; rather than rack-consuming four big boxes, go with the Pass integrated and simplify things greatly.  I doubt there’d be little if any sacrifice in SQ, but I am more than satisfied with the status quo.  Great combination. Previously the Pass drove my SF Olympica III’s with equal aplomb.  I can’t speak to the Ayre, Gryphon, or other options but the Pass has left me with zero angst about trying anything different.