High Current Class-D Amps for Maggies?

Has anyone tried any Class D amps & Maggies with any success?
Many people use class D amplification, and there are many forums written about it within the Audiogon. I use the Wyred 4 Sound SX-1000 monoblocks with great success and sounds wonderful.
I use Bel Canto REF1000 Mkii with Magnepan 1.7s and am extremely happy with the results.
Check the Digital Amplifier Company's Cherry Plus, stereo and brand new monos. Clement Perry (The Stereo Times) loves it and especially its bass power, which may be just what the 3.7 needs!
Many owners of Maggies use Spectron Musician III amplifier.
Simon Thacher of Spectron owns full ribbon speakers too (Audio Analyses).

Finally, I believe that it is the highest current class D (and other classes) amplfiier. According to the specs it can provide 65A over 500 msec with ultra low distortion.

Many advertise even higher current but ask for duratrion and you will hear 20 msec at most! Don;t even ask about distortion levels....

Good Luck

Class D is a good choice for Maggies because they love power more so than current and Class D gives you a lot of bang for the buck and in a small package to boot.

If I still had Maggies, I would only be looking either at lower power tube (80 waatts/ch minimum) or higher power CLass D amps to run them well.