High Ceiling Room Treatment Help

Hi, any recommendations for a room with high ceilings (18 ft height)
Where would you put foam panels ?

Here is my room, you can see there is little acoustic treatment but my main concern is the echo caused by the high ceiling.


Thanks !
I would avoid foam. Use Corner Tunes or Golden Sound's Acoustic Discs for room corners.
Tent your rig or sell it if offer is fair :-)
Sometimes you can have too much acoustic treatments. In your situation maybe you can hang something from the ceiling like a rug or tapestry. A few of those will probably take care of the echo and save you some money as well.
Thanks all for the advice, sorry the link did not work
Hang a series of decorative cloths as baffles. It could all be the same cloth. This room treatment should work and if home made not too expensive.