High Capacitance Phono/Tonearm Cables?

Hi all,

I am using a Shure V15iii cartridge, which requires 400-500 pf capacitance. My preamp only has 40 pf capacitance, so I would like to find some tonearm cables that have high capacitance. It seems like most cables these days are low capacitance cables and the higher ones are more difficult to find. Thank you.
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you can connect it through the speaker cable that will have enough load capacitance :)
Use the DB; without the extra capacitance the Shure will exhibit a drooping midrange response. Disclaimer; I was a DB dealer 30 years ago; bought ONE of these kits and sold it a couple of years ago. They haven't actually gone up THAT much compared to about everything else.
In general large gauge cables like Purist are the ones that will give you high capacitance. If you are into DIY you can simply choose a high capacitance cable of your choise and solder the plugs. You can also choose, lower capacitance starquad cables and if you wire them properly you will get quite high levels of capacitance.
There are also some small cable manufacturers who can make excellent cables based on your specifications.