HiFiMAN HM-602 Portable music player

Anyone have any experience with this? I'm wondering if it'll sound good enough to warrant the $440 price tag. Just paying for portability? I've already got iPods out the wazoo. Still considering the new Burson HA-160D. Its a far cry from this little player, I know, but would the sound quality out of the HiFiMAN be enough to warrant the ousting of the ipod and headphone amp? I'm thinking no. But if someone has used it before I'd like to hear your comments. Thanks
Hi. Try asking on Head-Fi. I know there are several people that have some experience with it and it's older brother the 801 there.
Thanks! Keep forgetting aboit that site.

Now there is also a Hifiman 601 for < $300.

Has anyone tried these players?

I would also like to abandon the iPod for better fidelity.

I wonder, however, how the Hifiman handles files?

Will it be simple enough to "drag and drop" from iTunes folders onto the Hifiman device?

Thank you

So early testing suggests this device has a lot more punch than an iPod, and a smoother and less fatiguing high end.

Having said that, file management is a little awkward so far, in that I can drag and drop WAV files from my hard drive, but tracks are then saved and played in alphabetical order.

If any of you have more experience with the HiFiMan players and file management please let me know.

In the meantime, I am going to add sequential numbers to the beginning of tracknames to create playlists, and keep an iPod for less critical listening.

The alphabetical file storage is a real deal breaker for me. I had a small issue with that with my Sonos player until I got it right but before that I just couldn't take it. I think I'll just get an iCube V2. Not like I'm ever on the move when I'm doing any kind of serious listening and in that case I can still use my iPod.

I agree that the iPod interface is a masterpiece.

I would also like to mention that I had one of the first Apple Macintosh computers in 1984 and participated in a program at my University to further evaluate the interface and develop applications. I am a lifelong fan of Steve Jobs, and I have owned and used iPods since their launch.

However, when

no digital output
digital rights management
compressed music from iTunes
cheapo earbuds
cheaper DACs and

smaller, sleeker touch screen, and soccer mom friendly designs matter more than better DACs or internal amps

the only "real deal breaker" for me is that Apple has become the new Microsoft.

So the new new paradigm is anything but iPod and long live AUDIOgon,

LOL! You hit that one right on the nail. Good call. I can't argue with any of that. And I won't.

I was looking to the iCube a little more as of late and decided it really isn't worth the $700. I think one might be paying for the portability factor. Nothing else. And since I made the argument that I don't do serious listening while on the move I might as well just get a nice tube headphone amp and call it a day. Hell, even the Furutech GT40 is looking pretty decent.

But just wait, I'll be asking about small portable headphone amps again in six months when the mood strikes to buy something I don't need. :)

I repeat: Apple is the new Microsoft!

Anything but iPod.
I love the Hifiman players, it does have enough power to drive the most power hungry hp's.

The interface is ok...Ipod rules on that.