Hifiman Ananda Headphone driven with Primaluna HP Integrated

Hello folks, I am expecting delivery of a pair of Hifiman Ananda Planar headphones and am eagerly looking forward to them arriving.

I am driving them with a Primaluna HP integrated. I have not heard the cans yet but from what I’ve read they should sound fantastic, or I’m hoping.

I have not been able to find specs on the Primaluna for power or anything else, does anyone have experience with this combo or know the PL specs?
Don't know about how they are going to pair with your HP but you should love your new phones, I have been thru more than a few sets of phones to get to the Hifiman XV2 that I have settled on, have built my headphone system around them and yours are supposed to be as good if not better for less, my saving grace is I got a really good deal on mine new 18 months ago. Good luck and enjoy the music.