hifi-zetta.com SCAM SCAM SCAM

Anyone who's good online please report this website as they're ripping people of. They have a check out but use bank transfer for payment. Lost 7K with these guys! Again all audiophile report this website before other loose money!
no need to worry if you follow one simple rule: never use bank transfer as form of payment.
another simple rule or difference between smart and fool:
a fool usually gets lessons from getting into trouble and than stays away. smart usually does not repeat what fool did to stay away from trouble.

why,I always accept bank transfers,because paypal charges nearly 5% of total,which means buyer will save his money for shipment.
There a lot of fake sites around the world.One example .The guy was selling Krell FBI in Australia,but fu c kers on scam site posted the same photos and wanted just half of the money:D
hifi-zetta.com 100% Fraud site..
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Don't buy overseas,don't wire money out of the USA don't buy from a seller you don't know very well.

Thought I'd test this mob out and sent an email last week, (below) heard absolutely nothing back from them. If legit they would have jumped on this.

Hi I’m interested in the Linn CD12 for 2,175eu , I am in Australia but I have a brother in Borgaretto who can send it to me. Can he come to you and check it out as he is a hifi tech, and pay cash if all works fine? If so what is a good time and what is your address?   Thanks George
Cheers George
I heard they're hiring too.  They collect personal info to 'run job application'.