HiFi vs Cheaper Power Conditioners; What's the difference?

I had a quick question follow along this. Can someone let me know the difference between power conditioners like the furman 15 pf i (which I can get for a couple hundred dollars) and their reference line or ps audio p5/p10 or audioquest niagra (which will be in the thousands of dollars)? I just was hoping to get some clarity on why one is so much more and what it does so differently. Thanks.  
Yup. You buy this stuff based on design, tech spec, or anything other than how it sounds, and you get what you deserve.
Can you define sound better?  The system I’m putting together (my first system) is:
processor: marantz sr6013
 (connected to furman via audioquest nrg-z3)
front speaker amp: mcintosh mc202
 (connected to marantz via audioquest red river;
  furman via audioquest nrg-z3;
  b&w cm9 s2 via audioquest rocket 33)
center channel amp: mcintosh mc7100 mk 2 (bridged)
 (connected to marantz via audioquest red river;
  furman via audioquest nrg-z3;
  b&w center 2 s2 via audioquest rocket 33)
turntable: clearaudio concept
 cartridge: blue point special evo III
phono amp: ps audio nuwave phono converter/pro-ject ds2 tube box
 (connected both to furman via audioquest nrg-z3)
power conditioner: furman 15 pfi
 (connected to wall via audioquest thunder)
"screen: si solo pro 100"" slate 1.2"
projector:  epson ls1000
( connected to wall via audioquest y-3 and furman pst-8)
front speakers: b&w cm9 s2
center channel: b&w center 2 s2
rear speakers: b&w fpm-5
side speakers: b&w m-1
sub: jl e112
 (connected to wall via nrg-y3)
other accessories: alexa input
  apple tv 4k
   (connected to furman via audioquest nrg-y3;
    marantz via audioquest cinnamon)
  logitech harmony elite

The main questions I had were I was thinking of getting another furman 15 pf i to connect the e112 into and also if I need a second power conditioner (perhaps a ps audio p5) to plug both the mcintosh amps into.  I have a bunch of separate wall outlets but don’t know if they’re on the same circuit.  Wall outlets are 15 amp.  Any help greatly appreciated.
Oh and getting a mrcu lda for clearaudio concept which z3 will hook into.  If I get the pro-ject will have to do the same w it unless I get the rs (but not much point since no xlr on 6013).
Sweet jesus create a proper virtual system via that long list and just point us there. 
Sorry, but none of that stuff matters. If a power conditioner, or power cord- or speaker cable or interconnect for that matter- is any good then it will sound good with whatever you try it with.
I have not used a furman 15 pf i before, so cannot compare. But I used a Brickwall. When I changed to a Inakustik power conditioner, it was like a transformation in my system. Deeper background, holography, wide soundstage, clarity, bass definition, are a few things that come to mind. A good power conditioner makes music exciting and lifelike. At least that is my take on it.